lesson 90

What a tumultuous few days: Firstly you decide to give up university

Secondly, you to have the idea of developing  an online education course.

Thirdly I’m going to change my job.

Finally, we are going to move.

Wonderful fun but a bit stressful.

What could go wrong, have we got an Achilles heel, is there a possible hiccup?

I can’t seething, any but I must admit to feeling a little under par after the flu jab.

Let’s talk about the house.

I think we should draw the line at 425K anything above that would be too much.

I hope no one does the dirty on us and buys the house this weekend.

That last house certainly stole the show we could make it so that it would be out of this world.

It certainly had the edge on the first house.

The owner acted a bit strange in keeping on about crime.

I have often heard that from a security point of view it is not good to have a house that backs on to a park.

He went a bit over the top but when someone gets on their hobby horse, it’s difficult to stop them.

I must say I find this train journey quite pleasant, I can see now why, they describe the surrounding area of London, the “green belt”.

I thought the agent was very straightforward with us and I think the transaction will be clean as a whistle.

I will glad to sleep tonight and mull this all over tomorrow, that bed of ours will be a sight for sore eyes.

I’m glad the agent insisted on visiting the second house.

I just hope he can bring together the family members of the house owner in order to accept a sensible offer.

I’m sure he can bring out the best in people he seemed very professional and I was impressed by the fact that he was studying psychology.

if they try and bump up the price we will stand our ground, won’t we?

We will not let anyone come between us, will we?

We are not going to break up over a house if that what you mean.

I was tempted to ask him out for a drink with us but one can become over-familiar. Although we could have sounded him out a bit better.

I think he took to us and told us what he was thinking already.

You can read too much into things you know.

Well, I think it is an advantage not to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

I think we are on the same wavelength, I was just thinking how satisfying it was to take risks and decisions for yourself.

In some ways, we are like two peas in a pod and we often see eye to eye.

With some couples, one just contradicts everything the other says seemingly just for the sake of it.

No they don’t, I’m only joking, It’s true most of the time, we get on like a house on fire.

If you compare our relationship to that of your sister you are certainly putting it into perspective.

You forget she’s my flesh and blood although I admit that they never seem to be on good terms with one another.

She is not easy I would not like to be in her bad books.

I think once you have lost respect for someone you should part company.

It is easier said than done and you are not your brother’s keeper or your sister for that matter.

I hope we are not disappointed as we have set our hearts on that house.

You impressed me by your complete indifference you showed to the events of the sporting world it being Saturday and all.

Well to be perfectly honest, Crystal Palace are playing tomorrow, Sunday and it’s televised.

Well, that perfect harmony we spoke about was perhaps premature.

Is it important? silly question as their destiny is always hanging in the balance, the question should have been “How important is the game?

Reasonably crucial, if they get a point they are as good as safe for this season.

Are you going to watch the game with me?

I think I would prefer to watch paint dry if you don’t mind, in any case I will just annoy you with my silly questions.


tumultuous few days

to give up

a bit stressful.

an Achilles heel


to feel a little under par

to draw the line at

to do the dirty on

to steal the show

to be out of this world.

to have the edge on

to keep on about

to back on to

to get on one’s hobby horse

the “green belt”.


to be clean as a whistle.

a sight for sore eyes.

to bring together

to bring out the best

to bump up the price

to stand our ground

to come between us

to break up over

to ask somebody out for a drink

to become over-familiar

to sound somebody out

to read into

to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

to be on the same wavelength

to be like two peas in a pod to

see eye to eye.

just for the sake of it.

to get on like a house on fire.

to put into perspective.

my own flesh and blood

to be on good terms with one another.

to be in her bad books.

to lose respect for someone

to part company.

not your brother’s keeper

to set one’s hears on that house.

to be indifference


to be hanging in the balance


to watch paint dry







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