lesson 74

English Course Online 74

Today’s Focus:

  • Vocabulary related to
  • Grammar point: Future simple and Future continuous.


1/ Sentence Practice

University starts on Tuesday and the course itself will start on Wednesday. The Linguistics is going to start a bit later in the term.

French literature, however, is starting straight away.

Well, I wish you luck but it looks as if the course will be interesting anyway.

You and your predictions.

Think of the future, the term will finish in December and we can go down to our friends in Kent for the Christmas Festivities.

I know that I will phone you tomorrow and whilst I am thinking about it, I will send you a file to download with all the details of the course.

I would like to make you an offer, I will help you with the Web Site and translate it into French.

I promise one thing, that if you do that, you will not regret it, the potential is enormous.

One last request, will you contact the phone company today about that offer on broadband? I will need some more data.

No, I have to refuse, I will not do it today because I am too busy but I will do it first thing tomorrow morning.

Shall I come and see you on Friday? You don’t have to ask, of course, you will come and see me.

Shall we go to the cinema or shall we eat out? That is nice of you to make the suggestion.

Could you remember to pick me up from the station?

Whilst I am thinking about it, would you send me a message when you are on the train? Could you tell me roughly when you will be arriving? Can you not forget, please?

Can you leave your phone on so that I can contact you?

No, I can’t leave my phone on all the time, I couldn’t possibly leave it on while I am at lectures.

Any work that you will do on the site translation, please could you remember to back it up on the hard drive?

I will be disappointed if you change into a computer geek and you must not use up all the data. You will be fed up if you cannot watch your favourite series on Netflux.

In January we can do up the house and let it out.  That way you will be able to move in with your husband, me that is.

Will you start to do away with all the things that we do not need but do not mix up what will be useful and what will not?

Will you start to change around, the storage in the garage and throw away all my clothes that are worn out?

I know that you have misgivings but I am sure your worries will just fade away. We will test out the arrangement and if it

doesn’t work we will go back to square one and take up where we left off from a year ago.

Could you take apart my game console carefully so that I can sell it on the net?

Some of the games are quite primitive but they fetch a good price online.

I downloaded the URLs from a few sites where I could sell the games.

I have been thinking and I predict that if you look at the way education is going, more and more people are going to take courses online.

You are probably right. Firstly, I am going to get my degree and then we are going to set up an international publishing site.

I am catching the train early tomorrow morning so I am going to turn off the light and go to sleep.

Tomorrow I have certain arrangements, I am meeting my future landlord at midday.

Good night.


  • to adapt
  • to adjust
  • alternative
  • to amend
  • conservative
  • dynamic
  • to endure
  • to evolve
  • influence
  • innovation
  • innovative
  • novel
  • to persist
  • potential
  • progress
  • radical
  • refine
  • shift
  • spoil
  • status quo
  • steady
  • substitute
  • sustain
  • back up
  • hard drive
  • to change into
  • to use up
  • fed up with
  • to do up
  • to let out
  • to move in with
  • to do away with
  • to mix up
  • to change around
  • worn out
  • to have misgivings
  • to fade away
  • to test out
  • to go back to square one
  • left off from
  • to take apart
  • to go down with


3/ Grammar Practice

4/ Practice Quiz

Complete the quizzes below.

  1. Today’s comprehension interactive video: 
  2. Today’s sentences drag and drop: 
  3. Today’s grammar fill in the right words: 

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