Lesson 71 – A New Year, A New Dress – Future Perfect and Future Continuous

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  • Just around the corner
  • Looking for a new dress
  • They have held these parties for…
  • For as long as Janet can remember
  • They are always a success
  • Not looking for anything too glamorous
  • Something that is smart
  • Not too fancy
  • In five days time
  • She will be sipping champagne
  • She has to battle her way through
  • To snap up a bargain
  • To buy themselves a treat
  • A Christmas present
  • A shop window
  • He does not look very busy
  • To enquire about the dress
  • She approaches
  • How may I help you?
  • I’d like to try on
  • That is a lovely dress
  • It’s going to be a blast
  • To stay at home
  • With my husband
  • It can be quite expensive
  • It’s a nightmare
  • Queueing to get into clubs
  • We have a party every year
  • In advance
  • That’s good thinking
  • I have it all planned
  • She retires to the changing room
  • It’s a perfect fit
  • We are having a sale
  • It is marked down
  • I’ll definitely take it
  • To go perfectly with it
  • An absolute bargain
  • It will continue for
  • To tell my friends
  • To get them to
  • A membership number
  • To receive a bonus
  • Your next purchase
  • This is cumulative
  • To save it up
  • I’ll be sure to tell everyone
  • I’ll give you


-A New Year, A New Dress-


Lesson 71 – A New Year, A New Dress

With New Year’s Day just around the corner, Janet is looking for a new dress for the grand NYD party she and her friends have every year. They have held these parties for as long as Janet can remember and they are always a success. She’s not looking for anything too glamorous, something that is smart but not too fancy. In five days time she will be sipping champagne and singing “auld lang syne” to the chime of the bells. In the meantime she has to battle her way through the throngs of Boxing Day sales shoppers. Everyone is keen to snap up a bargain, having saved up money purposefully for the sales or looking to buy themselves a treat with the money they received as a Christmas present.

Janet sees the ideal dress in a shop window, it looks about her size. Fortunately the shop does not look very busy so she decides to enter and enquire about the dress. She approaches the shop assistant.

Shop assistant: Season’s greetings. How may I help you?

Janet: Hi, I’m looking for a dress. I’d like to try on the blue dress in the window.

Shop assistant: Of course, that is a lovely dress. Going to a party, are we?

Janet: Oh yes, New Year’s party. It’s going to be a blast.

Shop assistant: Aw, I hope you have a good time. I think I’m going to stay at home and see the New year in with my husband. New year’s can be quite expensive and it’s a nightmare queueing to get into clubs.

Janet: This is true but we have a party every year and book the venue way in advance.

Shop assistant: That’s good thinking. Well it sounds like you have it all planned. Would you like to try on the dress?

Janet: Yes please.

The shop assistant retrieves the dress from the window and hands it to Janet who retires to the changing room to try it on. 10 minutes later she returns.

Shop assistant: Hi, how is it?

Janet: Fantastic, it’s a perfect fit. How much is it?

Shop assistant: Well, we are having a sale today so the dress is marked down from 50 pounds. Everything is 50% off.

Janet: Really? That’s amazing. I’ll definitely take it. I noticed a belt that’d go perfectly with it, the light blue one with the studs.

Shop assistant: Oh yes. That’s 5 pounds. That’ll be 30 pounds all together.

Janet: An absolute bargain. How long are you having the sale for?

Shop assistant: It will continue for one whole week. Today is our first day.

Janet: I’ll certainly tell my friends. You have a lot of lovely stuff here.

Shop assistant: Thank you very much. I’ll tell you what. When your friends come in get them to quote a membership number and you’ll receive a bonus. When they spend 30 pounds you’ll have 1 pound off your next purchase. This is cumulative so you’ll be able to use all of your bonus on one purchase.

Janet: Aw, that’s very kind of you. I’ll be sure to tell everyone I know.

Shop assistant: Not a problem. Let me bag up your dress and belt and then i’ll give you a membership number.

Janet: That’s great. I’m so glad I came in here.


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I will  be doing something, is used for describing a situation that you will be doing in the future.

This time next week I will be on holiday.

Tomorrow morning I will be working.

  • This construction can also be used to talk about completed actions in the future.

I am not feeling well, so I will not be coming out tonight.

Later today I will be meeting the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

  • In this instance, the use of the construction “will be doing something” is similar to using “to be going to do something”.

The construction “will have done” is used to express that something will already be complete before a time in the future.


Paul will not be here at 5 o’clock as he will have gone to work.

  • This is not to be confused with the present perfect or past perfect.

Tom and Amy have been married for 16 years (Present Perfect)

When he finally arrived, they had been waiting for 30 minutes. (Past Perfect)


These constructions usually have two parts:

I will phone you (first part) when I arrive (second part).

  • Although the first part of the sentence refers to a future event using the future tense, in English we use a present tense in the second part of the sentence, although the event is still considered to be in the future.

I will study a lot when I go to university.


I will study a lot when I will go to university.

  • It is the same when we use words such as while, before, after, as soon as, until or till. You can use the present perfect after when, after, until and as soon as.

Can we go to the cinema, after you have finished studying?

  • It is important to note here that when using the present perfect in this way, one action must be completed before the other one can begin.

When I have eaten, we can go shopping.

  • Therefore if the two things happen together, you cannot use the present perfect.

When I go to the meeting, I will ask about the new proposals.

  • Often, the present simple and present perfect are interchangeable.

You will feel better after you eat dinner.

You will feel better after you have eaten dinner.

  • After if, we usually use the present simple when referring to the future.

I’ll be angry if you break my glasses.

Be careful when using when and if.

  • When is used for things which are sure to happen.

When I go to the bank I will check my account.

  • If is used for things that will possibly happen.

If it rains, I won’t go out with my friends.



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