Lesson 59 – I Hate Airports – Phrasal Verbs

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  • Darren had had a fantastic time in Valencia
  • The weather had been perfect
  • Warm and friendly
  • It was time to leave
  • It did not want him to go
  • He had been hanging around
  • Burnt into the back of his eyes
  • Give him an exact time
  • Ready to depart
  • To sit down by the window
  • He took a sip of his coffee
  • Putting it down by his feet
  • Flicking through the magazine
  • To season their own food
  • Look it up on the internet
  • Try to find out more
  • Darren looked up at…
  • Talking in a raised voice
  • To lie down on the floor
  • Kick and scream
  • A mixture of sympathy and annoyance
  • Had to get out of this airport soon
  • Stood up quickly
  • Forgetting
  • Splashed
  • Narrowly missed
  • Looked up at him with displeasure
  • Was about to say something
  • Apologised to the woman
  • Public toilets
  • To soak
  • Soaked
  • Trying to stop the coffee from staining
  • Done as much as he could
  • He approached
  • Hand dryer
  • He realised his dilemma
  • At head height
  • To take his jeans off
  • Self-conscious
  • Seeing him in his underwear
  • In his suitcase
  • Wasn’t going anywhere
  • Turned on the hand dryer
  • Gripped the sink
  • Raised his leg up
  • All the strange looks
  • Balanced on one leg
  • Trying not to fall down
  • His plane was now boarding
  • He rushed to the terminus
  • Stood in the queue
  • Relieved commuters
  • Mishap
  • He would definitely go back one day


-I hate Airports-


Lesson 59 – I Hate Airports 

Darren had had a fantastic time in Valencia. The weather had been perfect, the food delicious and the hospitality warm and friendly. However, it was time to leave, although it was as if Valencia did not want him to go. He had been hanging around the airport for nearly four hours, the word “delayed” on the departures board was burnt into the back of his eyes. No one could give him an exact time when the plane would be ready to depart.

Purchasing his fifth cup of coffee and the National Geographic magazine, he decided to sit down by the window. He took a sip of his coffee before putting it down by his feet and began flicking through the magazine. There was an interesting article about some monkeys who had learnt to season their own food with salt. He decided that when he got back home, he would look it up on the internet and try to find out more about these intelligent creatures.

Darren looked up at the departures board, it still said “delayed”. At one of the receptions a man was talking in a raised voice, he too had been waiting for hours for his plane. His concern didn’t seem to be about himself though. It was more about his 5-year-old son who had gone beyond his boredom threshold and now proceeded to lie down on the floor and kick and scream. Fellow commuters watched this display with a mixture of sympathy and annoyance. Darren had to get out of this airport soon.

He stood up quickly and forgetting that he had put his coffee down on the floor, kicked it over. Its contents splashed on to his jeans and narrowly missed a woman’s handbag. She looked up at him with displeasure and was about to say something but Darren jumped in first. He picked up the now empty cup, apologised to the woman, gave her his National Geographic before quickly walking towards the public toilets.

In the toilets he soaked the bottom of his jeans with warm water, trying to stop the coffee from staining. Once he had done as much as he could, he approached the hand dryer. Immediately he realised his dilemma, the dryer was nearly at head height and it was the ankles of his jeans that needed drying. There was no way that he was going to take his jeans off. He was too self-conscious to have other people seeing him in his underwear and all of his clothes were in his suitcase and likely aboard his plane that wasn’t going anywhere.

So, he turned on the hand dryer, gripped the sink and raised his leg up to thte dryer nozzle. Within no time his jeans were dry and he seemed to have stopped them from staining badly. His only problem was all the strange looks that he got from people as he was balanced on one leg, with the other in the air, trying not to fall down.

He left the toilets and looked up at the departures board. Thankfully, his plane was now boarding. He rushed to the terminus and stood in the queue with many relieved commuters.

Aside from this little mishap, his holiday had been amazing. He would definitely go back one day but maybe not by plane.

Facts: In September 1953, on the island of Koshima, a female Macaque took to washing sweet potatoes in a freshwater stream. By 1965, the habit had been passed to new generations of the macaques, who started rinsing their food with salt water before eating it.



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Phrasal verbs are usually expressions of two words consisting of verb + adverb or verb + preposition.

Phrasal verbs of movement

Many of the prepositions that accompany the verbs determine the meaning of the verb and indicate the direction of the movement of the verb. Let’s see each preposition:


To Go In

I didn’t go in to the strange house.

I’ll ask the manager when I go in to work.

To Get In

got in the car quickly.

I rang him as soon as I got in the house.


To Look Out

You should look out of the window, it’s a beautiful day.

He looked out on to the street to see what the noise was.

To Get Out

Darren parked the car and got out of it.

It’s nice to get out of the house.


To Get On

got on the plane to fly to Valencia.

He got on his bicycle and pedalled as fast as he could.


To Fall Off

I have this bruise because I fell off my bike.

He fell off the ladder and spilt paint everywhere.



To Turn On

It’s getting dark. Let’s turn on the light.

Put the washing powder in the tray before turning on the machine.


To Turn Off

I don’t want to listen to the radio. Turn itoff.

Turn off the tap when you’ve finished washing.


To Switch On

If you are bored, you can switch on the TV.

Switch on the radio, I want to hear the news.


To Switch Off

Switch off the TV if you are not watching it.

When you go to the cinema you should switch off your phone.


To Get Up

I don’t usually get up early when I´m on holiday.

I was so exhausted that I got up late for work.


To Stand Up

stood up after having been sat down for two hours.

The crowd stood up and applauded the performance.


To Look Up

The children looked up at the sky to see the wedge of swans.

He looked up in time to see the paint tin falling.


To Pick Up

Please, could you pick my bag up off the floor.

He hurt his back picking up a penny.


To Fall Down

A glass fell down and broke.

He slipped and fell down the hill.

To Lie Down

I love lying down on the sand and sunbathing.

I am so tired, I need to lie down.

To Sit Down

Good morning class! Could you sit down please!

I need to sit down, my ankle is sore.

To Put Down

She sipped the water and put the cup down.

He put down the book and closed his eyes.


To Go Away

She has gone away for the weekend.

You should go away and think about it.

To Drive Away

He got into the car and drove away.

She had trouble driving away the wild ponies.


To Run Away

He took my wallet and ran away.

They ran away together to get married.


Come Back

He will come back, he left his jacket.

I´ll come back tomorrow when I have more money.

Go Back

He lived in Spain for two years then went back to England.

I´ll go back tomorrow and buy that new record.


To Give Back

He won´t give it back to me.

You should always give back what you take.


To Bring Back

I’ll give you my pen, but you have to bring it back.

If you bring it back tomorrow, I´ll try to fix it.


To Take Back

She didn’t like her present so I took it back.

It’s broken! You should take it back to the shop.


To Put Back

I flipped through the magazine then put it back on the shelf.

You should put it back where you found it.


To Fly Over

The eagle flew over the mountains.

On the way to Las Vegas we flew over the Grand Canyon.

To Climb Over

I forgot my keys and I had to climb over the fence. 

The path was blocked by a fallen tree which we climbed over.


To Turn Over

Turn over the omelette.

He had trouble sleeping on his back so he turned over.


To Look Around

I was looking around trying to find my hat.

We had a good look around the museum.


To Turn Around

We had to turn around as we forgot the picnic.

He turned around to face his opponent.



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