Lesson 58 – Distractions – Verbs + Prepositions

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  • How are you doing with…?
  • It is really difficult at times
  • I spoke to my mother about…
  • That helped me a little bit
  • What I could have done with that money
  • Instead of buying cigarettes
  • Putting the money aside
  • Use the money to go on holiday
  • Something to aim for
  • I could do with a money injection
  • I received a large bill
  • The electric company
  • The amount is incorrect
  • More than I usually do
  • It has never been so high
  • I have to pay for my membership
  • That’s 200 pounds for the year
  • That is a lot of money
  • Something cheaper
  • I get a lot of benefits
  • Discounts for places and equipment
  • Mountain rescue
  • There are a lot of advantages
  • Belonging to a club
  • Are you sure that I cannot tempt you?
  • Giving it a go
  • To spend your money on…
  • I’ve tried to overcome it
  • Nothing has worked
  • I feel dizzy and nauseous
  • I am quite happy with…
  • Keeping my feet on the ground
  • I won’t mention it again
  • Depending on the weather
  • A walk in the countryside
  • It’s still too cold to…
  • I’m really missing…
  • Would you like to join us?
  • I would be very interested in…
  • Nothing like a bit of fresh air
  • To help clear the lungs
  • I’m fed up with the city
  • Taunting me
  • It will be something different
  • Mundane
  • We’ll make a picnic
  • It’ll be nice
  • Be sure to bring a coat
  • In case the weather changes
  • Darren is driving us there
  • To pick you up on the way
  • How does 10 o clock sound?
  • I’m really looking forward to it




Lesson – Distractions 

Rosie: So, Chloe, how are you doing with quitting smoking?

Chloe: Okay, I guess. It is really difficult at times. I spoke to my mother about when she quit. That helped me a little bit. She said to think about how much money I have spent on cigarettes over the years and imagine what I could have done with that money instead of buying cigarettes. She recommended putting the money aside that I would otherwise spend on cigarettes and after six months use the money to go on holiday.

Rosie: That’s a good idea! It gives you something to aim for. I could do with a money injection at the moment. I received a large bill from the electric company. I’m sure that the amount is incorrect as I haven’t been using more electric than I usually do and it has never been so high. I have to pay for my membership at the rock climbing club also. That’s 200 pounds for the year.

Chloe: That is a lot of money! Maybe you could find something cheaper.

Rosie: Well I get a lot of benefits and inclusions for that amount, insurance, discounts for places and equipment, mountain rescue, things like that. There are a lot of advantages in belonging to a club. Are you sure that I cannot tempt you into giving it a go? It would be a good thing to spend your money instead of cigarettes.

Chloe: It would indeed but I really am afraid of heights. I’ve tried to overcome it but nothing has worked. I feel dizzy and nauseous. I am quite happy with keeping my feet on the ground.

Rosie: Okay, well I won’t mention it again. Oh, depending on the weather, the guys are considering going for a walk in the countryside on Sunday. It’s still too cold to go climbing outdoors but I’m really missing doing activities outside. Would you like to join us?

Chloe: I would be very interested in a walk in the countryside. Nothing like a bit of fresh air to help clear the lungs. I’m fed up with the city, all those tobacconists and smokers taunting me. It will be something different from my usual mundane Sundays.

Rosie: We’ll make a picnic, it’ll be nice. Be sure to bring a coat just in case the weather changes. Darren is driving us there. I’ll ask him to pick you on the way. How does 10 o’clock sound?

Chloe: It sounds great. I’m really looking forward to it!

Facts: If the average cost of a pack of cigarettes is €4.65 and the average smoker buys a pack a day, that would give a monthly average of €130.20 spent on cigarettes.



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A verb + preposition is also known as a prepositional verb. The prepositions verbs are transitive and have a direct object in the phrase. Although the phrasal verbs are similar, a prepositional verb can not be separated from the way a phrasal verb can, which means that we can not put the direct object between the two parts.


He couldn’t think of an idea.

Think of is the prepositional verb and idea is the object. Separating the prepositional verb would make the sentence meaningless and ungrammatical:

He couldn’t think an idea of.

In contrast, there is no problem with the phrasal verbs:


She will have to catch up to him.

She will have to catch him up.

As you can see, the separation of the phrasal verb does not alter the meaning or meaning of the phrase.

Many English verbs are often followed by prepositions in front of objects.


You must keep it safe

No -> You must keep safe.

We need to think about it

No -> We need to think it.

We can follow a verb with a preposition before the object of the verb. This is called dependent preposition and is followed by a noun or gerund:

We’ve been asking for the bill for ages.

I am caring for my mother at the moment.

He is applying for every job vacancy he sees.

For is the preposition dependent on verbs.

Prepositional verbs can help explain an action with less words. This is not always the case but it generally helps to create a general idea of the information we tell, the question we want to ask or the opinion we want to express.


Believe in

Look after

Other prepositions:


I am suffering from hay fever.

He is forbidden from going to the park.

She had to choose from three dishes.


I don’t believe in Santa Clause.
Steven is sick, I have to fill in for him.
Do you mind if I sit in on the discussion.


I need to think of a good present to buy Sarah.

She doesn’t approve of her daughters boyfriend.

We couldn’t believe the cost of the meal.


I just have to throw on a coat.
I can’t concentrate on my work with that noise.
They had to operate on him immediately.


Does anyone object to the proposal?
I think that phone belongs to Ellie.
He’ll never admit to the murder.


I can’t cope with him anymore.
They’ll meet with her in the morning.
She was faced with a difficult decision.

Advice and tips

Here are some prepositional verbs:

agree onagree withapologise toapologise forapply to
apply forapprove ofargue witharrive atarrive in
believe inbelong tocare aboutcomment onconcentrate on
consist ofconsent tocontribute todecide ondream about/of
escape fromget rid ofgraduate fromhappen toinsist on
matter toobject toparticipate inplan onpray for
recover fromrely onrespond tosearch forstare at
subscribe tosucceed insuffer fromtake care oftravel to
vote forvouch forwait forwish forwork for


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