Lesson 54 – Coffee and Climbing – Prepositions of Time II

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  • To spend the afternoon
  • Climbing centre
  • Relaxing
  • To deposit some money
  • Running his errand
  • Interested in climbing
  • I joined a…
  • During university
  • I had never done anything like that before
  • I wanted to get fit
  • Very boring
  • New and exciting
  • I was working at…
  • Accounting firm
  • Co-worker
  • Group building exercises
  • I haven’t stopped…
  • A late bloomer
  • I became interested in…
  • Surrounded by mountains
  • I needed to find something
  • To keep me entertained
  • To chat with them
  • A great feeling
  • They invited me
  • To join them
  • Everything that I needed
  • To be able to climb
  • It was so exhilarating
  • When I left France
  • I bought my own equipment
  • What nice people!
  • I’m glad that you enjoyed it


– Coffee and Climbing –


Learn English – Lesson – Coffee and Climbing

After spending the afternoon at the new climbing centre, Rosie, Darren and Kieran are having a relaxing cup in a café. Kieran has to go to the bank to deposit some money before it closes. So, while Kieran is running his errand, Rosie and Darren discuss how they became interested in climbing.

Rosie: I joined a climbing club during university. I had never done anything like that before. I wanted to get fit but I found the gym to be a very boring place. Rock climbing sounded new and exciting! I was with the club until I finished University then didn’t do any climbing for two years… While I was working at an accounting firm, one of my co-workers suggested going on a climbing weekend as one of the company’s group building exercises. Of course, I said yes and I haven’t stopped climbing since.

Darren: I was a late bloomer. I have been climbing for only five years, so since 2009. I became interested in it during my time in the South of France. I was living in a village in the Pyrenees called Saint Girons. It is a very beautiful place surrounded by mountains. I was house-sitting while my parents were visiting family in Australia. As beautiful as it was, it became very boring… I needed to find something to keep me entertained until my parents returned. While I was walking through the mountains one day, I saw a couple of people climbing. I stopped to chat with them and they told me all about their climbing and what a great feeling it was. They invited me to join them the next day, supplying everything that I needed to be able to climb. It was so exhilarating! I went climbing with them many times and when I left France I bought my own equipment.

Rosie: What nice people! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Had you not, it is very unlikely that we would have met. I do enjoy this bouldering but you cannot beat being outdoors. It will do until winter passes… Let’s pay the bill before Kieran returns so that we can leave immediately!

Facts: The Pyrenees are popular spots for winter sports such as alpine skiing and mountaineering as well as summer sports, such as bicycling and cross-country running. They are usually featured in two of cycling’s grand tours, the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España.


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Express the beginning and end of a period of time.

Rosie lived in Madrid from 2005 to 2008.

I worked as an engineer from 1990 to 2005.

You can also use the fromuntil construction with the same meaning:

Darren was a student from 2002 until 2005.

I worked as a chef from 2009 until 2012.


Used to express the principle of an action that continues to develop in the present. It is always accompanied by a perfect present or a continuous perfect present tense:

I have been studying English since I was twelve.

They have been married since 1987.


This preposition focuses on the duration of an action:

Keiran studied Biology for four years.

Rosie worked as a waitress for six months.


Until is used to express the end of an action:

I didn’t fall asleep until 6 o’clock this morning.

Wait here until a taxi arrives.

You can also use the till form instead of until:

I can work till 7 o’clock this evening.

Keep driving till you reach the roundabout.


Indicates that one action has been taken previously to another:

Turn off the lights before leaving the house. 

You should wash your hands before you eat.


Used to indicate subsequent actions:

He likes a hot soup after swimming. 

After I had lunch, I met with friends for a coffee.


Indicates the time at which the action occurred and can only be accompanied by a name:

I learnt a lot of things during the course.

The city was very busy during Fallas.


Express actions that occur at the same time:

I learnt a lot of things while I was studying.

I met a my wife while I was on holiday.

During, While, For

These three prepositions mark actions that occur simultaneously. It is important to establish the differences:

  • For + a period of time: I lived in China for three years.
  • During + Name: I had fun during my holidays.
  • While + Verb: I kept coughing while I was speaking.


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