Lesson 52 – The Haircut – Relative pronouns

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  • Get my hair cut
  • I’m starting to look like…
  • My last hairdresser
  • An awful mess
  • Do you know any good hairdressers?
  • I can recommend…
  • Where I usually go
  • It depends on
  • To specialise
  • His prices are reasonable
  • I was talking to…
  • A work colleague
  • To bleach
  • The best hairstyle
  • I was thinking of…
  • Stuck in the 1980s
  • To remark
  • You do not approve
  • Reserved
  • The kind of women who…
  • Her whole entire life
  • There is no need to…
  • One of those people
  • Believe very strongly
  • The quality
  • What kind do you think I should get?
  • You have straight hair
  • You have a roundish face
  • To be offended
  • To be flattered
  • Cheekbones
  • With clear definition
  • You would suit a…
  • Impressed by that sort of thing
  • A drastic change
  • I can’t think of any other way


-The Haircut-

Lesson 52: The Haircut

Rosie: I really do have to go and get my hair cut. I’m starting to look like an Afghan Hound. My last hairdresser made such an awful mess of my hair last time. Do you know any good hairdressers, Chloe?

Chloe: I can recommend the hairdressers where I usually go. It depends on what you want, really. There’s a man I know who specialises in feathering. His prices are reasonable too.

Rosie: I was talking to a work colleague who got a bleach and a perm. She said that it was the best hairstyle that she had ever had. I was thinking of going for something like that.

Chloe: Was this work colleague stuck in the 1980s?

Rosie: I gather from your remark that you do not approve…

Chloe: Nobody gets the bleach and perm anymore. That is reserved solely for women called Sharon. The kind of woman who owns a pub in a run-down little town for her whole entire life…

Rosie: Okay, there is no need to get catty. It was just an idea… Now I know that you are one of those people that believe very strongly in the quality of a person’s hairstyle. So what kind of haircut do you think I should get?

Chloe: Let’s see. You have beautiful, straight, auburn hair. You have a roundish face and almost no chin.

Rosie: I’m not sure whether to be offended or flattered by that statement…

Chloe: You have lovely cheekbones, not too prominent but with clear definition.

Rosie: That’s better! But we were talking about my hair.

Chloe: I think that you would suit a bob cut. Just above your shoulders, maybe even darken it a little. Dressed in your work outfit, you’ll have a look which screams professionalism. From what you’ve told me about your boss, she sounds like someone who is impressed by that sort of thing. What do you think?

Rosie: It’s quite a drastic change from my first idea! Now you’ve suggested the bob cut, I can’t think of any other way I would like my hair. Let’s do it!

Facts: In Ancient Egypt, a shaved head was worn by young adults before they came of age, they would leave a small curl in the side of their head, named ’Lock of Youth’, to symbolise their age.


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Relative pronouns are used to link one clause to another by reference to a name that appears in the first one. To make this reference, we use Who, Whom, Whose, Which and That.

Which and That are used to express something about things, and Who and Whom are used for people, and Whose is to express possession.

Look this sentence, we have two clauses that linked:

She will choose the colour which looks good on everyone.

In this sentence, whoever is the subject of the verb and is relating two clauses between someone who is complaining and the frequency of their complains:

She is complaining to whoever she comes across nowadays.

That is linking the two subjects of the sentences:

There is a car in the parking lot that someone has painted a bright pink.


Who in this sentence is the person, and also is liking two clauses:

She needs to know by tomorrow who will be accompanying her on the trip.


Whose is used in this sentence to ask if someone has possession of something because the speaker needs it:

Is there anyone here whose mobile phone has a signal?

Clues and tips

Remember: the personal pronouns:

Who/whom y that are for people.

Which o that for things.

When for time.

Where for place.

People need a leader that has their interest at heart.

No: People need a leader which has their interest at heart.

We need workers who will  put in an effort.

No: We need workers that will put in an effort.

Adjectives + prepositions

The adjectives are used to describe people and objects. We can create sentences more difficult using adjectives + prepositions to do descriptions about the personality of a person or a feeling about someone or something. Often, the adjectives with similar meanings have the same preposition and some adjectives can use two prepositions, for the subject and the reason.

The prepositions more used are:

Of, about, at, with, to, for


He is afraid of the dark.

I am capable of doing it myself.

They were tired of answering the same questions.


I am worried about not having enough money to pay the bill.

They were very excited about going on holiday.

Sarah was concerned about how late it was.


He´s very good atplaying football.

I was astonished atSteven for saying such a thing.

She is bad at making decisions.


I’ve been really busy with my new project.

She was annoyed with Steven for not calling.

You have to be patient with him, he’s very tired.



It isn’t relevant to what we were talking about.

He found that he was immune to malaria.

Frostbite can be a result of being exposed to the cold for a long period.



He was famous forplaying psychotic characters.

They received a letter saying that they were eligible for a prize draw.

Steven was responsible for making sure the children got to school.



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