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Toefl speaking questions for the TOEFL speaking test 9. TOEFL iBT Speaking test records your speaking by computer, then your answers will be marked by human examiners. The Test takes 20 minutes in total and consists of 6 questions. The topics are usually related to academic activities, such as discussing or summarizing in classroom, talking with administrative staff, expressing opinion about an issue on  campus.
Draft the topics, analyze the sample answers, following the speaker’s style. 

toefl speaking questions lesson 41 Dialogue

Hi guys! Welcome to this toefl speaking questions video! I’m Julia your online teacher.
In this video I’m going to be talking about question type 1
As you may already know: in the toefl speaking section, there are six task types or six question types.
I would like you to know more about each of these questions so as to be able to fulfill the demands of each of those tasks by being fully aware of what is expected from you and preparing for each of those question types
so question number one is about personal preference
it’s what we call an independent task
it won’t be based on a prior reading or a prior listening
it’s just a question that is asked to you by a computer and a question that you answer directly
you will have 15 seconds to prepare and you will have 45 seconds to answer the question
now don’t forget that the day of the exam all this speaking is done via computer
so you will have headsets on with a microphone and you will have to get used to being recorded
so once we’ve looked at the different vocabulary lists different pieces of advice that I want to share with you
I would highly recommend you recording your own voice and preparing your answers in that way
so in every speaking lesson, every speaking preparation lesson, and every speaking mock that you will come across during this preparation course
take those toefl speaking questions and come up with your own answer, record yourself, and then look at the questions that I would give you now to auto assess, self assess, self evaluate your answers
so here you’ll be asked a question on your personal preference, on a choice.
They will give you a topic then they will ask you if you like or dislike something
So they will say for example:
What type of events do you like to attend?
What do you like to in your free time?
What places have you enjoyed visiting?
and so on..
What I’m trying to say here is that you can already anticipate the type of vocabulary that you can memorise:
likes and dislikes
giving your opinion
linking words
everyday vocabulary (about routine topics)
leisure and travel
On the day of the exam your answers are recorded.
They are then sent to the official ETS online scoring network and their experts will grade your speaking answers based on three main criteria.
Number one: delivery.
The way you speak: is it natural?
How is your pronunciation?
Do you sound like a robot?
Is it too rehearsed?
Or are you speaking more naturally?
How is your intonation?
These are all the questions that you can ask yourself when you record your own voice and listen to your answers.
How do I sound? Am I hesitating a lot?
Are there lots of pauses and fillers?
Number two: you will be graded on language use, in other words the grammar and vocabulary you have used effectively to express your ideas.
So the questions you may ask yourself are:
Have I used lots of words related to the topic?
Did I use the correct keywords?
How was my grammar? Did I make many mistakes?
Number three: topic development.
You will be graded on the way you present and organise your ideas.
Questions you may ask yourself include:
Was I coherent?
Were my ideas consistent?
Did I use my time effectively?
Did I answer the question?
Alright guys now I will leave you to practise!
Don’t hesitate to just pick some random questions on likes and dislikes and practise answering them.
You can prepare in writing maybe 30 / 40 seconds, then record yourself and gradually reduce that preparation time to 15 seconds (just like in the exam).
You want to challenge yourself and prepare in the exact conditions of the test!
That’s it for now about toefl speaking questions and answers! Thanks for watching!


toefl speaking questions

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