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Some toefl speaking tips for the TOEFL test. Use a template for TOEFL speaking. A template is as a chart that you fill in. A skeleton for a body, a TOEFL speaking template structures your response. A template enables you to organize your thoughts and to express yourself in a logical manner. These TOEFL IBT Speaking templates

provide you with a choice of organized structures, patterns and transitional words and phrases you can adapt to develop a fluid effective and ultimately high-scoring speaking response.

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TOEFL speaking tips 7

Four advantages of a TOEFL speaking template. Keeps your response focused, a TOEFL speaking template enables you to put down your thoughts in a clear and focused response. the speaking section does not need to be as structured as those of the writing section but it still is important to be able to follow a logical progression of ideas and clearly answer the questions that you are asked.
TOEFL IBT Speaking templates offer you different ways you can present your ideas. For example when giving your opinion a template, we’ll start with a summary of an issue, first before you begin explaining your report of view and explain your motivation makes your answer smoother using useful transitions phrases and sentence openers. You can smoothly connect your ideas using the transitions found on the templates you will not only allow your thoughts to flow better but will also help you sound more like a native speaker.
A spinoff of this is that by memorizing basic phrases you will perfect your pronunciation which will make you more easily understood on test day. Time-saving, you will save a great deal of time as you just have to fill in the gaps rather than imagine whole phrases and a general structure.
Raise your confidence exactly what to expect on the speaking section you will not freeze on the day of the test showing confidence is important to getting a high TOEFL score at speaking.
At last we get to the templates, below our six TOEFL speaking templates one template for each speaking task with tips on how to customize your responses.
Choose from two options (familiar topics) First for your second independent speaking task you will discuss a personal preference between two options.
Your friend is working at a job that pays well but that she doesn’t like, she has just been offered a promotion that would mean more pay but longer hours.
What advice would you give her and why? tasks to template
1 begin by introducing the topic and your opinion on it. Don’t spend too much time trying to summarize the prompt- just quickly state what the topic is and which option you believe is better.
Examples: personally I believe—- is better than—– for two /three reasons. In my opinion—– seems to be better than—– because…. I would prefer over….. because…. To me…. is a better option than …..And I feel this way for two/ three reasons. Personally I believe taking the promotion is better than refusing it for two reasons:
2.Next, explain your first reason for choosing this option, make sure to explain each of your points using relevant details and examples. For each point two or three sentences should suffice. Examples first off…. For example… For one… For instance…. One reason is that what I
mean by this is that……. One reason is that you never turn something down unless you have something better. What I mean by this is that she never gets a better offer she will regret it forever.
Next introduce your second reason by following the same general structure used above for your first reason. Use appropriate transitions like the ones below to further strengthen your response. Examples, secondly….. my second reason is that…….. Another reason is that speak your
mind on this task. Secondly if she refuses promotion her bosses may see it as a sign of ingratitude and they could lose confidence in her.
How to customize your template
1. Make comparative statements. For this task it’s important to use vocabulary that emphasizes why the option you selected is the better choice. Some examples include easier, better, stronger, more convenient.
2. Point out a problem with the other option. To strengthen your argument, consider using one of your points to discuss a potential flaw with the other option. Doing this indicates you’ve considered the other option but don’t believe it is nearly as strong as the one you selected.
3. Use I statements because you must describe your own opinion for this task starting some of your sentences with I statements such as I feel,I believe, or I think, will help you sound more natural in your response.
4. Do not give your own examples or reasons.
Unlike the independent tasks you are not supposed to give your own opinion or examples here. So only talk about what the speaker and passage have told you.
Now use the template to answer the following questions.
Your friend doesn’t have enough money to pay for a new computer and all his textbooks at the same time. What would you suggest?
Do you think the government should legislate laws to find people who use cell phones when crossing roads and intersections?
Nowadays traffic congestion are increasing what advice would you offer to the government to reduce traffic congestion?
Is the internet a good or bad thing for the music industry?
Practice makes perfect.


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