Toefl test pattern and how to get a score on the day of the test11

Toefl test pattern ibt speaking task advice on how to get a score on the day of the test 11.

Toefl test pattern.

Hi guys! Welcome back! I’m Julia your online toefl teacher.
I would like to share in this video some tips for you so as to help you fully understand what is expected from you on the day of the exam in speaking tasks 2.
So speaking task 2 is just like speaking task 1 in the sense that it is an independent speaking task.
In other words you are asked a question and you have to answer it.
It is not based on a prior reading or a prior listening.
So this particular speaking task is based on choice not on personal preference (like task 1)
Here they will give you two courses of action or two very different behaviours and ask you to choose one.
Then you will have to defend that choice.
In this video I’m going to focus a lot on vocabulary that will help you argue, explain, or support your choice.
That’s what we call signposting language or if you prefer argumentative language: phrases or language that will help you support ideas and argue your case.
As usual I will also recommend that you go the vocabulary of likes and dislikes, comparatives and superlatives, giving your opinion, and just general everyday vocabulary.
Now let’s look at signposting language!
Here are some set phrases that you can use to either summarise or contrast or support an idea.
So here to introduce your ideas you could use sentences like:
I would like to discuss the impact of…
One aspect which illustrates this is…
The current debate about…
Building from the idea that…
To further understand the role of…
Another line of thought on…
Another angle on this debate suggests that…
Not all research shows that…
There is general agreement that…
The strength of such an approach is that…
So as you may see the examples that I just gave you, the language that I just shared with you, is quite complex.
You will not be expected to use all those sentences in your answers.
You will not have time.
It was just to show you that there are other ways of saying:
“in my opinion”,
“I don’t agree”
There are many other ways of phrasing that. So if you practise with let’s say two three or four examples that you draw from the list that’s just appeared on the screen,
on the day of the exam you will feel confident using maybe one or two of them.
And as they are quite specific, quite advanced, quite formal, you may this way score even higher in the speaking!
So just as a quick reminder: you are graded on three main criteria.
Number one: delivery.
Does your speech sound natural?
Are you speaking too quickly or too slowly?
Do you sound like a robot? Is it too rehearsed?
So think about all those things. That is what delivery is.
That’s what they’re looking at. How does this person pronounce?
Is it clear? Is the speech audible? That’s number one.
Number two is: language in use, use of language, in other terms it would be how you use grammar, how you use vocabulary to express your ideas.
Are you using specific vocabulary or is it quite general, quite vague?
Are you using a great variety of grammar structures or are you just using one tense?
Are you using simple sentences? You have to take all these things into account
As I said in the previous video do not hesitate to record yourself, practise, give yourself plenty of time to prepare record and then gradually reduce that preparation time to 15 seconds (just like in the exam)
And finally number three:
you are graded on topic development, in other words, how you structure your ideas. Is it clear?
Does your argument sound consistent?
Are you coherent? Can the toefl examiner understand your thought process, your logic?
So that’s it for today guys for toefl test pattern!
Thanks for watching! Do you get plenty of practice!
And if you you have any specific questions or any concerns, do not hesitate to post below in the comment section or ask your teacher if you are doing this combined with tutoring
That’s it for today! Thanks for watching!

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