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Which of the following functions of smartphones are most beneficial to students? The latest generation of smartphones offer many applications that are useful to students. I personally think that the capacity for taking photos is the most useful. I believe this for two reasons: Firstly the capacity to take a photo of an article or text directly from the web is incredibly useful. Imagine that you do not know the meaning of a word or a technical expression The student just has to look it up and press the photo app and you have then a clear image on your phone that you can later a consult either to memorize or copy into a folder. Secondly, photos are very useful for students that encounter relevant material to their studies and with the built-in camera they can instantly have an example stored on their phone A good example of this is a biology student that encounters a genus of a flower and can keep a graphic record for later use. Although the ability to record lectures is very useful, I would opt for the built in camera any day. Three kinds of activities will be offered on a special day organised by the international student office. Which one do you prefer? This is a very difficult choice for me as I love films, music, and food equally. However I have attended a lecture on films and I found it very interesting, especially listening to people’s analysis of the films shown. Music would be interesting if you really understood it from a technical point of view which is not the case of everybody. Food is a very subjective subject and people’s tastes differ very much. Films however are viewed and appreciated on many levels. And I think students would be obliged to give a valid point of view whether they like the film or not. Films can be judged using many different criteria. And it’s fascinating to hear what people saw in a film that you did not. The university decides to remodel the dormitory and add a new space to it. Which space do you recommend to add to your dormitory? I think all three elements would improve a dormitory but as I have to opt for one I would go for the cafe. The reason for this is that game rooms are not conducive to sleep or study and I feel they would be disruptive A study room is a good idea but a library or the privacy of your own room with a good internet connection has made this option slightly passé. A cafe however is a great choice for two reasons: The first reason is that this type of place fosters social activity and helps you meet your peers. An important element in university education is that of meeting people of your own level of intelligence and curiosity. The second reason is that a cafe gives you a chance to have a break from your studies without having to go too far. The University wants to provide students with more types of entertainment in three choices provided below. Which do you prefer and why? Out of the three choices on offer I would quickly discount the third one of a lecture by a university professor in some languages people use the word distraction instead of entertainment going to another lecture is not for me a distraction amateur dramatics are more generally fun for the participants than for the audience I would therefore select a professional musician who knows they may be a future Magister and you will be lucky enough to see them when they are starting out I find that concerts performed by professional musicians are absorbing it is also a good reference for a student to see someone who has a talent and it gives them something to aim for personally I find this option more of an entertainment than the other two there is going to be a TV show that relates to students which show would you like to watch one interview school leaders to students debate on political and social topics three comedy about school life this is a very subjective question and I can only say that I have seen comedies about students before and they were great let us have another one I can remember Animal House with a late John Belushi and I found it hilarious more recently I saw The Inbetweeners that looks at life at school just before going to university I found the interaction between the young protagonists very entertaining I feel that life on campus could be an excellent backdrop for a comedy as could be that of a high school the eccentricities of university professors and the life of young wild students have such great comic potential I think with study it is important to cut off and relax not go into a too deeply which of the following technological developments has made the greatest impact on students lives one electronic books two online classes three smartphones beyond all shadow of a doubt the smartphone the reason I am so categoric s because the smartphone gives you instant access to the fund of all knowledge that is the internet imagine being a student 40 years ago there is something that you are opt sure of so you had to note it down and then take yourself off to the library today just tap your search query into the box and voila the answer or rather a plethora of different answers electronic books are great but you can usually download and read the content on your smartphone online classes are the future of Education but it’s a bit like having the cart before the horse with your smartphone you can look at your online courses one is a tool and the other two can be considered as APs if you are going to choose a position in the school community during summer vacation which one will you choose one library desk front slash receptionist two technician three paint a wall in the community I’m not very technical or very good with my hands I would choose to work in the library I think it would be rather fun as I love reading and it would be good to meet other like-minded people I think it will help me relate to people as I am a bit shy and constantly dealing with queries we’ll go some way to stop this I think as well it will give me the opportunity to discuss people’s reading choices and maybe exchange viewpoints on books therefore my reason for choosing to work as a receptionist at the library desk is to help hone my social skills and increase my knowledge of literature in general which of the following choices do you think has the greatest impact on Environmental Protection /1 governmental regulations 2/ environmental awareness groups 3/ individual effort I think the first dance in a way the government is responsible for creating public awareness of a problem and operating incentives or sanctions to make sure people follow through individual effort is usually the starting point for creating awareness but there are not enough like-minded individuals to make a difference government regulations can be very effective if there is a real desire to implicate changes the government can finance massive campaigns to heighten people’s awareness ranging from publicity slots on the TV to educating the young through concerted information programs there are without doubt individuals who make an impact but the majority of people only pay attention to imposed rules.

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