Spanish Course Index A1

Spanish Course Index

Please follow the Spanish course index in chronological order.

nouns in spanish   1
professions in spanish    2
spanish alphabet phonetic   3
definite articles in Spanish   4
spanish syntax   5
negation in spanish grammar….6
the verb SER    7
size adjectives in spanish…8
the verb estar in spanish…9
personal nouns in spanish…10
spanish pronouns…11
spanish adverbs…12
the verb tener….13
los articulos determinados    14


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Spanish Course Index A2

Beginner/Intermediate Level

pronouns interrogatives spanish  16
present tense spanish   17
present irregular verbs…18
Present irregular 1st singular person spanish…19
preterite perfect spanish…20
present with estar + gerundio
-er and -ir verbs in the preterite
preterite simple irregular spanish
the verb gustar in spanish
accentuation rules in spanish
ser vs estar conjugation quiz
the indefinite articles in spanish
qué vs cuál in spanish
Demonstrative adjectives spanish
tener que + infinitive

Intermediate Level

weather or climate expressions spanish
irregular verbs spanish
demonstratives spanish
possessive spanish pronouns
reflexive verbs spanish
reflexive verbs spanish list
impersonal se in spanish
quantifiers grammar in spanish
El pretérito perfecto compuesto
past perfect tense in spanish examples
present perfect vs simple past spanish
simple perfect tense irregular verbs spanish
simple perfect tense irregular verbs spanish list
imperfect preterite spanish
past tense spanish

preterite vs imperfect in spanish
negative informal commands spanish practice
the imperative in spanish
verb volver in spanish
pronouns direct object spanish
direct object spanish
Future in Spanish exercises
uses of lo in spanish
the comparative in spanish
direct object pronoun spanish examples
ways of expressing time in spanish
counting in spanish exercises
pretérito imperfecto y perfecto compuesto
family vocabulary spanish
connectors spanish




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