Job Interview Questions 4 Education

Job Interview Questions – part 4 Education

Here are some Job Interview Practice questions each followed by Key vocabulary.

Job Interview Questions and Useful Vocabulary


What would say, in terms of training or special aspects of your education, has prepared you for this position?

What courses or parts of your degree have been the most helpful or essential in doing your job?

a main subject, to read history = to study history
a lecturer, to attend a lecture on…
a mentor
a deeper understanding of…, project work, research, tutorials, presentations, assignments, dissertation, thesis…
to learn about / to be taught
to be assigned homework, to keep up with the workload, to keep the pace with university work
to take part/ to participate in school activities

to enrol on a degree course

an online course, distance learning course, diploma, certificate, vocational course, non-vocational course, degree

Your Checklist: Don’t forget to carry on working on the following points:

  • Write your CV
  • Write your Cover Letter
  • Personalise your Letter of Application
  • Prepare for the interview (Job Interview Questions)
  • Learn Key Vocabulary
  • Prepare your LinkedIn profile
  • Make sure your Social Media accounts’ privacy settings are set appropriately


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Job Interview Tips Part 4 Education

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