Job Interview Questions 1 Warm-up

Job Interview Questions – part 1 Warm-up questions

Here are some Job Interview Practice questions each followed by Key vocabulary.

Job Interview Questions and Useful Vocabulary

Key Vocabulary

a job advertisement
a covering letter
a curriculum vitae, a CV
a letter of application
the person of contact
HR, human resources
a candidate
an employer


What made you apply for this position?

How did you hear about this job opening?

Could you summarise your work history and education for me?

my previous job
my last job
It has always been my intention to work for…
The job you are offering matches both my personal and professional interests
with my understanding of…
to be relevant to…
in an English-speaking environment…
I would be pleased to…

Your Checklist: Don’t forget to carry on working on the following points:

  • Write your CV
  • Write your Cover Letter
  • Personalise your Letter of Application
  • Prepare for the interview (Job Interview Questions)
  • Learn Key Vocabulary
  • Prepare your LinkedIn profile
  • Make sure your Social Media accounts’ privacy settings are set appropriately


Have any doubts or questions? Please post them below! We always look forward to hearing from you!

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