Hi Everybody

             I have owned and run more than 50 language schools in in 10 different countries and I believe that with all the knowledge that my team and I have acquired we can help anybody learn a language. With the modern technologies at our disposition it is relatively easy to learn a language without books or classrooms.

          This free course is just like any other course you would buy for 100 dollars or more. It starts off with a dialogue then there is a translation of the vocabulary followed by an explanation of the grammar then a few questions and finally some exercises.

 The difference being with our course is that every word is pronounced perfectly with different accents, every word is translated, there is an oral explanation of the grammar points, the exercises are interactive and if you have a doubt just write it down in the comment section and you will be answered.

    Choose the language that you want to learn and do the level test. If you are a complete beginner skip this step and go to lesson one.

Let us select the sub titles for your language on the video.  Now watch the video and try and understand it with the help of the subtitles.

   Now watch it again but select the subtitles of the language that you are learning. At first you may have to repeat this process several times but you will get faster as you go along.

Finally watch the video again without subtitles.

Now read the transcription of the text in the original language then compare it with the translation next to it.

 OK so you have taken the first step to understanding a spoken language.

We are now going to learn to speak. Press play on the Vocabulary video and repeat out loud each word. If you are still not sure of the meaning activate the subtitles as you watch the video. It is important to imitate the accent and the intonation of each word. Once again repeat this phase as often as you like. After 10 lessons you will be twice as quick.

Now the academic bit “grammar”.which you only need to get the gist of. Do not try and learn every rule perfectly as you will pick up the logic as you go along. Now listen to a question, stop the video and try and answer. When you are ready press play and listen to an answer. Press stop and imitate, clearly  no mumbling. Press start and as usual repeat as many times as possible.

Finally do the interactive exercises and please leave a comment which we can answer but also we can include a better explanation for the future.

    That’s it but remember it is all about “quality” and not quantity build up the language brick by brick. Do not skim the course and then try and speak, it doesn’t work.

   Have fun and if you want a progress report or you think you can learn more quickly with an online lesson we can recommend a teacher skilled in this metod.