IELTS Lesson 42: All the exam strategies you need to know to face the IELTS General Format Exam

In this lesson there are many tips and exam strategies that you need to know to take the IELTS General Format exam and TOEFL. These simple tips will help you to attend the exam fully prepared. These tips go over the parts of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing of the IELTS General Format Exam, also named IELTS GT.

Exam tips for the Listening Tasks

Ordinal and Cardinal Numbers: how to pronounce them correctly:

Key Grammar points for EFL Exams:

Morphology and syntax:

Exam tips for the Speaking Tasks

How to get the other candidate involved in the Speaking test:

How to express opinions:

How to express agreement or disagreement:

Commonly mispronounced words in English:

Prefixes and Suffixes:

How to enunciate and practise with Tongue Twisters:

Exam tips for the Reading Tasks

Scanning and Skimming to read faster and more effectively:

Exam tips for the Writing Tasks

How to take notes:

Commonly misspelled words:

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