An example of the ielts speaking topics part 1 2 3 pdf.

IELTS Course Lesson 10 – IELTS speaking topics part 1 2 3 pdf Preparation Course

IELTS Speaking #3

Introduction to the Speaking Section of the IELTS with an Exam sample

Topic: Technology

An example of the ielts speaking topics part 1 2 3 pdf.
Test format – Speaking
11–14 minutes


Part 1

Do you use any gadgets on a daily basis?

I think, surely the question should be “how many” rather than any… Although I don’t consider myself a complete and utter geek, I could not function without my laptop and smartphone… that being said, I still prefer the old format of a paperback to that of a Kindle , we’re living in the computer age but there are a few relics of the past that I like to keep hold of. I am not in the vanguard for trying out cutting-edge technology but I follow the trends.

How often do you use Internet?

I use Internet as much as three hours a day especially for work or following important world events. More and more I find myself using the internet instead of telephones…. Surfing the Internet is great but I must admit to a dislike of Facebook… I find it boring and trivial like all social media. I make use of video conferencing for work.

Do you own a computer? If so, how often do you use it and for what purposes?

Yes, I have a personal computer, a laptop and an ipad… I use my IPAD mainly for work… It is very compact and easy to carry, so I take it with me everywhere… On the other hand, my PC has a large screen and easy to use keyboard, so I use it for word processing and browsing websites. It is an old, but still a reliable workhorse…

Part 2

Now, have a look at the card and prepare a monologue.

Describe your favourite gadget. You should say:

What is it
When did you get it
How often do you use it
and say why is it so important to you

I own quite a few gadgets… However, I have so many aps on my Iphone that It is by far my most valuable and prefered gadget. Every hour I check my emails on it, I follow my favourite sports, I check the weather and of course what’s happening in the world. Although I hate the intuitive nature of google it is so annoying to constantly battle against a stubborn machine. Consequently you have to make sure the corrector is not changing the thread of your argument. What I love about browsing websites is that you can find an answer for just about every question on earth from reinstalling the operating system to a cure for hayfever What’s more, google favours “how to questions and answers” and they can be found near the top of the searches…

Added to surfing the Internet in order to find whatever I want, I can tap into a never ending source of entertainment. Generally, I use my laptop for the latter as it requires less effort from my eyes.The Iphone is an essential device for me…

Part 3

Do you think we need to know much about computers?

Well… The more you know the more you will get out of them and the less time you will waste looking for things. First of all, you need to know what is a SERP [Search Engine Results Pages] and how google tries to match up the query you type in to the search box and the results you see.What is a a web address…or URL[Uniform Resource Locator] and how to navigate websites… It is very vital to know how to find the information you need in the shortest possible time you must be able to surf the net

What is the most impactful piece of technology in our lives?

It is my point of view, that the Internet is the most important technological advance of our time… It’s uses are infinite and it gives us so many new opportunities to discover anything we want to know about in the world…. You just need to go online… And what with, wireless networks, at home, and public Wi-Fi hotspots. We can do it easily and almost everywhere.

How computers affect our everyday life?

In two ways , positively and negatively certainly. They help with so many things, starting from writing and printing your own essay, and ending with developing advanced programs and digital editing… Without computers studying would have been time-consuming and inefficient…Conversely you can waste your time with social media or video games

How effective is the use of computers in the classroom?

In my opinion, using computers in the classroom has only just started and that the possibilities are boundless. From learning languages to Mathematics everything is possible with interactive learning. I have read recently about using holograms to make virtual teachers appear before you, mind-blowing stuff.

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ielts speaking topics part 1 2 3 pdf

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