Free English Course Online 5

Free English Course Online 5

Today’s Focus:

  • Vocabulary related to Family
  • here / here is / here are
  • there / there is / there are
  • Subject Personal Pronouns
  • Present simple of “to be”: interrogative form / question form
  • Possessive Determiners / Possessive Adjectives

1/ Vocabulary Practice

  • a family – the family
  • my
  • your
  • his
  • her
  • its
  • our
  • your
  • their
  • a name – names
  • here
  • there
  • a mother
  • a father
  • parents
  • a brother
  • a sister
  • siblings
  • an aunt
  • an uncle
  • a cousin – cousins
  • a grandmother
  • a grandfather
  • grandparents
  • birthday

2/ Grammar Practice

Possessive adjectives, also called possessive determiners, are words used in place of articles, to show ownership or relationships between people. They are placed before the noun in a sentence. Possessive adjectives refer to the owner. There are different forms depending on whether the noun is singular or plural:

Singular: My, Your, His, Her, Its

Plural: Our, Your, Their

We go from subject pronoun to possessive adjective (also known as possessive determiner):

I > my

You > your

He > his

She > her

It > its

We > our

You > your

They > their

Be careful with the spelling of “its”, to not be confused with the contracted form of the verb to be: “it’s” (it is). They are two different things!

Notice how “their”, “they’re” and “there” are all three pronounced identically.

3/ Sentence Practice

  • Here is my family.
  • There is my sister. She is a dentist. My sister is a dentist. Her name is Natasha.
  • Here is my brother. He is an engineer. My brother is an engineer. His name is William.
  • You are my siblings. I am your brother.
  • Natasha and William are my siblings. They are my siblings. Their names are William and Natasha.
  • There are my parents. They are my parents. My mother and my father are here.
  • We have cousins. Our cousins are Frank and Harry. Their names are Frank and Harry.
  • Who is your aunt? My aunt is Jane. She is there.
  • Where is your uncle? My uncle is here. His name is Jack.
  • Where are your grandparents? They are here. My grandmother is called Janet and my grandfather is called Robert. Their names are Janet and Robert.
  • Why is your name Tom? My grandfather is called Tom. His name is Tom. My name is Tom. Our name is Tom.
  • Is Robert his cousin? No, Robert is not his cousin. James is his cousin.
  • Here it is. There she is. This is her aunt. That is his aunt.
  • Where is our family? Your family is there. My family is here. There’s my aunt. Here’s my uncle.

4/ Practice Quiz

Complete the quizzes below.

  1. Today’s words: 
  2. Today’s grammar: 
  3. Today’s sentences: 


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