Free English Course Online 18

Free English Course Online 18

Today’s Focus:

  • Vocabulary related to
  • prepositions of place and movement

1/ Vocabulary Practice

  • Peter takes the bus
  • to arrive
  • at Victoria station
  • to start
  • to rain
  • it is starting to rain
  • a little bit
  • unfortunately
  • his umbrella
  • to mind
  • he doesn’t mind the rain
  • month of april
  • quite a lot
  • a raincoat
  • a hat
  • waterproof
  • His shoes are waterproof
  • to decide
  • he decides to walk
  • Leicester Square
  • slightly
  • as it is raining
  • in the streets
  • Peter can walk
  • quickly
  • all the people
  • in the coffee shops
  • all over London
  • It takes twenty-five minutes
  • to go from …to…
  • on foot
  • the quick way
  • to walk through
  • the wet grass
  • to smell
  • wonderful
  • To be close to 
  • not far from
  • either
  • quite
  • to be quite cheap
  • a monthly ticket
  • travel card
  • What is happening here?
  • to make a film
  • 2/ Grammar Practice


Lesson 18


Prepositions of place / location

Let’s learn some more Prepositions of place / location !

There are more prepositions of place:

  • over
  • under
  • far from
  • near
  • up
  • down
  • past (to go past)
  • among
  • next to
  • in front of
  • behind
  • between
  • around
  • through
  • out of
  • on
  • inside
  • above


The plane flies over the mountains.

The ball lands over the fence.


His room is under his office.

He lives under the bridge.


She lives far from the school.

It is far from here.


She lives near the school.

I always park the car near here.


He is walking up the stairs.

I am going up to bed.


They are walking down the stairs.

It is down the street.


I walk past the office.

He is driving past the house.


He is among friends.

Dogs are among my favourite animals.


It is next to the house.

Let’s sit next to each other!


His house is in front of mine.

The teacher is standing in front of the class.


The dog is behind the house.

The sun is behind a cloud.


The border between France and Spain.

They live between London and Brighton.


He is walking around the neighbourhood.

They are all around the place.


It flies through the room.

It comes in through the window.


I am out of the office.

She lives out of town.


It is on the table.

It is sitting on the floor.


It is inside the box.

He listens to music inside the car.


It is above the shop.

Hold it above your head!

3/ Sentence Practice

A rainy day in London

  1. Peter takes the bus and he arrives at Victoria station. It is starting to rain a little bit.
  2. Unfortunately, he does not have his umbrella but he does not mind the rain.
  3. It is the month of April and usually, it rains quite a lot in London.
  4. Peter does not have his raincoat and a hat. His shoes are waterproof. He decides to walk to Leicester Square.
  5. As it is raining slightly, there are not too many people in the streets. Peter can walk quickly.
  6. All the people are in the coffee shops that are all over London.
  7. It takes twenty-five minutes to go from Victoria Station to Leicester Square on foot.
  8. The quick way is to walk through St James’s Park. It is very pretty and the wet grass smells wonderful.
  9. London is close to Peter’s House and the bus stop is not far from his house either.
  10. The bus is quite cheap if you buy a monthly ticket or travel card.
  11. What is happening here? They are making a film.

4/ Practice Quiz

Complete the quizzes below.

  1. Today’s words: 
  2. Today’s grammar and sentences: 



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