Free English Course Online 20

Free English Course Online 20

Today’s Focus:

  • Vocabulary related to
  • more prepositions of time – 2nd list

1/ Vocabulary Practice

  • It is 3 o’clock
  • To have time
  • until
  • to mean
  • to sit back
  • to relax
  • it is about
  • the president
  • united states
  • History
  • politics
  • to put
  • a face
  • a name
  • to put a face to a name
  • the actor
  • famous
  • the character
  • the scenes
  • well filmed
  • the lighting
  • smaller
  • fewer
  • screen
  • room
  • usual
  • because of
  • it is better
  • a warm place
  • outside
  • in the rain
  • Look at the time
  • nearly
  • he is still
  • to enjoy
  • to really enjoy
  • again
  • the reception

2/ Grammar Practice


Let’s learn some more prepositions of time!

  • from… to…
  • after
  • during
  • before
  • for
  • until / till
  • while
  • since


I work from 10am to 6pm.

The meeting is from 2pm to 3pm.


After work I go home.

After living in London we want to live in  Paris.


During the holidays I like to relax.

Is it open during the day?


Before work I like to have a big breakfast.

Call me before dinner!


He is here for 2 weeks.

I haven’t seen her for some time.


He is here until next week. / He is here till next week.

I have until January 8th to write my thesis.


While on holiday I like to do exercise.

I am dog sitting while they are away.


Since leaving that neighbourhood I am happier.

It has been this way since he left.


3/ Sentence Practice

  1. It is 3 o’clock, so Peter has three hours to watch the film. His friend John is working until 6 o’clock.
  2. That means he has 3 hours to just sit back and relax.
  3. The film is about the President of the United States of America. Peter likes History and politics, so he is very interested to put a face to a name.
  4. The actors are more famous than the characters.
  5. The scenes are very well filmed and the lighting is very good.
  6. Peter prefers smaller cinemas because there are fewer people. There are 15 screens and each room is quite small.
  7. Today there are more people than usual because of the rain.
  8. It is better to be in a warm place than outside in the rain.
  9. Look at the time! It is nearly half past five and Peter is still watching the film.
  10. He really enjoys the film and he says he will do it again soon. He walks to the reception to meet his friend

4/ Practice Quiz

Complete the quizzes below.

  1. Today’s words: 
  2. Today’s grammar and sentences: 



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