Lección 42 FCE First Certificate Course

Dialogue lesson 42

Dialogue 42: Plus Size Models

An interview about models on the runway.

Fashion designer John George has been commended for his decision to use plus-size models in his latest catwalk.

Here reporter Lucy Gallagher talks with him about his reasons behind the decision and the reaction he has received.

So John, you caused quite a stir at London Fashion Week.

Why did you decide to use curvier women to showcase your latest designs?

Well, because I’m so proud of my latest range and I wanted the most beautiful women to showcase it. To me there is nothing more beautiful than a natural woman.

Do you think there is still an overuse of size zero models on runways nowadays?

Yes, of course, I’m sick and tired of designers choosing the skinniest of girls to wear their pieces. These skinny girls are representing a body image which an everyday woman ultimately cannot achieve unless they starve themselves. I know that I couldn’t sleep at night if I felt like I was contributing to something like that.

If only more designers had that mentality, John. Why do designers use size zero models?

Honestly, I don’t know. Listen, supermodels have always been slim. If they are slim and healthy, then fine. But this epidemic of the size zero model is upsetting. The fashion industry has this exclusive and elite prestige which teenage girls are obsessed with. So if stick-thin models continue to be used, this obsession can lead to serious issues like eating disorders.

As designers we have a responsibility to reflect a healthy female body image. I don’t want to see a girl’s ribcage sticking out. I’d rather see a bit of fat hanging over her trousers. She should have a little cellulite, curves and a smile. Things which show she has accepted her femininity. She is a proud and happy woman despite her imperfections. Well, the things that society is telling her are imperfections.

Is the fashion world only closer to leaving the size zero period behind?

Well, I’d like to think that my show has made a difference, but we all know that there is still such a long way to go. Fashion in its nature is a superficial industry but we can change that. As well as showing that bigger girls look amazing in the clothes.

My past three lines have all been in the cheaper price range for people with a lower budget. So no matter what, ladies can put these pieces on and feel beautiful. That’s the very least they deserve.

Vocabulary lesson 42



to curl up

(figurative) to make oneself cosy

to fall for someone

to be attracted to someone

to go off the rails

to begin behaving in a strange, abnormal or wildly uncontrolled way

the aisle (of a church)

lateral walkway in a church

a cutout

a shape of a person cut out of cardboard or another material

to blush

to redden


(person:) very selective

a lozenge

a medicated sweet

to woo

to attract romantically, to court a woman



love at first sight

instant romantic attraction to someone

Exam tip #42


Grammar check list for the FCE. Make sure you have reviewed as many of the following grammatical points as possible, to be fully prepared for the 4 parts of the FCE:

Tense review

Adjectives, Adverbs (Formation, Comparison)

Auxiliary Verbs

Modal Verbs




If-Clauses (Conditional Clauses/Sentences)

Infinitive, Gerund

Nouns (incl. Articles, Plural and Possessive Forms)

Passive Voice


Phrasal Verbs



Question Tags

Relative Clauses

Reported Speech

Short Answers

Word Order (Sentence Structure)

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