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is one of Cambridge English Qualifications. It is Accepted by thousands of businesses and educational institutions worldwide.
B2 First Exam Format

Index FCE Course

  1. FCE Lesson 1: Familiarisation with the exam and Exam tips for the 4 parts of the Speaking exam
  2. FCE Lesson 2: Discussion about passing or failing the FCE and tips for the Speaking part 2 test 
  3. FCE Lesson 3: Getting used to different accents and Tips on Speaking part 3 test
  4. FCE Lesson 4: Speaking exam parts and Speaking part 4 test
  5. FCE Lesson 5: Vocabulary and structures: Describing images in the Speaking exam
  6. FCE Lesson 6: Vocabulary of Art and Expressing likes and dislikes
  7. FCE Lesson 7: Mock Speaking part 1 & Exam Tips for Speaking part 1
  8. FCE Lesson 8: Mock Speaking part 2 & Exam Tips for Speaking part 2
  9. FCE Lesson 9: Mock Speaking part 3, enunciation and Tongue twisters
  10. FCE Lesson 10: FCE Writing parts, connectors, linking words and time sequencing
  11. FCE Lesson 11: How to write a review, a report or a short story
  12. FCE Lesson 12: How to write an essay, a letter or an article
  13. FCE Lesson 13: How to write articles
  14. FCE Lesson 14: How to write reviews
  15. FCE Lesson 15: How to write reports
  16. FCE Lesson 16: Example of an Essay & Introduction to writing formal and informal letters or emails
  17. FCE Lesson 17: Writing an email for a job application, a complaint, or a suggestion
  18. FCE Lesson 18: Example of a Report & How to write a letter or email requesting information, giving information, or requesting permission
  19. FCE Lesson 19: The different parts of the Use of English exercises
  20. FCE Lesson 20: Grammar components of the Reading and Use of English exams & Commonly misspelled words to avoid
  21. FCE Lesson 21: Prefixes and suffixes to further succeed in the Reading and Use of English Word Formation exercise
  22. FCE Lesson 22: How to answer multiple-choice cloze questions in the First Exam
  23. FCE Lesson 23: How to answer open-cloze questions: more reading and use of English exam tips
  24. FCE Lesson 24: How to answer Word Formation activities in the reading and use of English passages
  25. FCE Lesson 25: How to complete the Key Word Transformation exercise in the Reading and Use of English exam
  26. FCE Lesson 26: Reading and Use of English Practice
  27. FCE Lesson 27: Environmental issues Vocabulary & How to answer Gapped text activity 
  28. FCE Lesson 28: More reading and use of English tips & a listening exam
  29. FCE Lesson 29: Scanning and Skimming for Reading and more reading and use of English exam tips
  30. FCE Lesson 30: How to succeed in the reading and listening tests & Morphology and Syntax 
  31. FCE Lesson 31: Listening section with different recording types
  32. FCE Lesson 32: Vocabulary of air travel & Exam tips for Listening Part 2 
  33. FCE Lesson 33: Vocabulary of language learning & Exam tips for Listening part 3 (Multiple-matching)
  34. FCE Lesson 34: Exam tips for Listening part 4 (Multiple-choice)
  35. FCE Lesson 35: Main figures of speech
  36. FCE Lesson 36: Expressing opinion (Speaking samples) & Different Types of text
  37. FCE Lesson 37: Listening practice & How to take notes
  38. FCE Lesson 38: Listening practice & Cardinal and Ordinal numbers
  39. FCE Lesson 39: Vocabulary of holidays in Britain & FCE Exam Format Review
  40. FCE Lesson 40: Listening and Reading Practice & Brainstorming and creating a mind map for Speaking and Writing exams
  41. FCE Lesson 41: Listening practice and a Vocabulary checklist for the FCE
  42. FCE Lesson 42: Grammar checklist for the First Certificate

B2 First Reading and Use of English

b2 first practice test (Lesson 26)
fce-listening-test-pdf (Lesson 28)
b2 first reading (Lesson 29)
first certificate (Lesson 23)
first certificate practice (Lesson 24)
first certificate handbook (Lesson 25)
first certificate exams
b2 first handbook (Lesson 21)
b2 first for schools
fce reading and use of english (Lesson 19)
cambridge first exam link

B2 First Speaking

fce speaking part 2 (Lesson 2)
b2 first speaking (Lesson 3)
first certificate b2 speaking (Lesson 4)
speaking test first b2 (Lesson 5)
first certificate speaking (Lesson 6)
cambridge b2 speaking (Lesson 8)
fce speaking part 1 (Lesson 7)
B2 first course (Lesson 1)
cambridge b2 (Lesson 40)
cambridge first info

B2 First Writing

b2 first writing (Lesson 10)
first certificate writing (Lesson 11)
first certificate b2 writing (Lesson 13)
b2 first preparation (Lesson 14)
b2 first certificate (Lesson 15)
cambridge b2 exam format (Lesson 16)
cambridge b2 exam pdf (Lesson 17)
cambridge b2 vocabulary list (Lesson 18)
cambridge b2 practice exam (Lesson 12)

B2 First Listening

b2 first practice test (Lesson 38)
first certificate listening (Lesson 31)
venture into first b2 listening (Lesson 32)
first b2 listening exercises (Lesson
listening b2 first cambridge (Lesson 33) 
listening b2 first certificate (Lesson 34)
listening b2 first practice (Lesson
b2 first listening (Lesson 35)
b2 first test (Lesson 37)

cambridge b2 listening practice (Lesson 30)

First all 4 skills (Lesson 39)

CEFR level: B2 
Scale score: 160–179 What’s this?
Test format: Computer or paper-based
No. of papers: 4
Length of the Exam : About 3.5 hours

A B2 First qualification proves you have the language skills to live and work independently in an English-speaking country and participate in courses taught in English First B2 Course Index for access to free online FCE course.

Obtain your for Cambridge English: First Exam Certificate with our free online Course.

A B2 First qualification shows that you can:


upper intermediate
  • Can understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions in their field of specialization.
  • Can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers quite possible without strain for either party.
  • Can produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects and explain a viewpoint on a topical issue giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options First B2 Course Index for access to free online FCE course..

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