Exam Preparation B1 B2 Lesson 11: Deciphering Headlines

B1 B2 Exam Preparation Lesson 11: Deciphering Headlines


Film Synopsis

1 Col. Jason Halsey is a stealth fighter test pilot in the highly classified project Black Magic, who has just had a terrible air disaster and can’t remember a thing. Now he must go head-to-head with the psychiatrist Dr. Gottlieb as his only chance to recover his memory.
2 Passengers of a yachting trip in the Atlantic Ocean who, when struck by mysterious weather conditions, jump to another ship only to experience greater havoc on the open seas.
3 A disaffected soldier returns to his hometown in the midlands from military service. He has one thing on his mind: revenge. Payback for the local bullies who brutalized his mentally-challenged brother years ago.
4 Through a series of side-splitting negotiations and irrevocable acts, retired crook Gal is forced to shake off the rust and accept one last mission, put forth by the menacing Logan, his ex-mentor.
5 When a young woman rejects her current overweight suitor in a restaurant, he unexpectedly places a curse on her.  The film then follows the lives of many individuals connected by the desire for happiness, often from Sources usually considered dark or evil.
6 Two lovable West Virginian hillbillies, are headed to their “fixer-upper” vacation cabin, when they run into a group of college kids who assume they must be inbred, chainsaw wielding killers.

A test pilot

A classified project


To go head-to-head with

A psychiatrist

To recover his memory

A yachting trip

Weather conditions



On the open seas

A disaffected soldier

Military service



A bully

To brutalise


Side-splitting negotiations





A retired crook



A chainsaw

To wield

A killer



1 Playing outside isn’t just for the kids. Pets love exploring the backyard as well, and while letting Fluffy and Fido out may cut down on fur balls on the carpet, they could be bringing unwanted guests back inside. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) reminds homeowners to thoroughly check pets’ fur for fleas and ticks after they’ve been out in the yard or at the park. These pet pests are known to spread diseases to both animals and humans, and can easily infest homes.
2 While the season’s warmer weather offers great opportunity for games of fetch with Fido, it also brings increased risk from exposure to pests, particularly ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and stinging insects. Safeguarding dogs and cats begins with discussions with your veterinarian, but in addition to prescribed health care repellents and preventatives, there are several things that can be done to make your yard inhospitable to the stinging, biting troublemakers.
3 Smelly doggie breath can be annoying. And dog owners will go to great lengths to eliminate or cover it up. But be aware — pet oral care goes beyond preventing bad doggie breath. Poor gum health allows nasty bacteria to make a beeline straight for a pet’s circulatory system, which can have harmful effects on vital organs.
4 Pets are the lights of their owners’ lives. And keeping pets healthy is key to extending the warmth and love for years. Dr. Ernie Ward, nationally renowned veterinarian, pet author and founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, offers his ‘Top 5 Healthy Habits’ for pet owners to help ensure pets stay happy and healthy throughout the year:
5 During a tough economic climate, it can be a stressful time for many homebound seniors, if not for their pets. Many seniors, when strapped for reSources, choose to feed their pets instead of themselves. This means neither the pet owner nor the pet get the nutrition they need to stay healthy.
6 You look forward to your vacation, but leaving your furry friends behind is more than you can handle. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to bring your pets along for the ride. There are plenty of pet -friendly lodging establishments, restaurants, and a slew of gear and other pet products that make traveling with Fido and Fluffy more comfortable. 

A pet

To cut down on

A homeowner





To bite

A yard


To go to great lengths to

To make a beeline for


Vital organs


A veterinarian

To feed

A tough economic climate

To ensure

To look forward to

To stay healthy


ESSAY: Write an essay about the objectivity/or lack thereof of the news.

LETTER: Write a letter to a friend telling them about a significant event in your life. Remember a headline!

Wikipedia Editor Survey June 2011 (Source: commons.wikimedia.org)
This visual aid shows reasons for continuing to edit Wikipedia. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

B1 B2 exam preparation lesson 11 graph description writing

REPORT: Write a report on the different air time given to “good news” vs “bad news”.

REVIEW: You have just read a news report about a rising, decentralised, objective news group that is becoming very popular. Write a review.

PROPOSAL: Write a proposal for a new section that should become mandatory for every newspaper.

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