Lesson 42


1/Sentence Practice

Who is preparing the dinner? The main course has been prepared already by me.

The dessert is being prepared by your Mother. Your sister might be invited as well.

She must be told to bring some bread. Do you think my sister must be told about the dinner?

I was told to relax by the doctor. This is not my idea of relaxing.

I am peeling the potatoes.

By the way, the car has been collected from the pound by my secretary.

Was she told to get a receipt? She should be told to get one if she has forgotten to do so.

The table is being prepared by John. The cleaning is being done by Susan.

The starter has been prepared by Susan earlier today. John’s mother was bringing the dessert.

The dog had been taken for a walk ten minutes ago. John’s sister is going to be invited after all.

Her boyfriend might be invited to the dinner by John sister. John and Susan should be informed about it.

They never are but they have prepared more food just in case. The next dinner can be held at John’s sister’s house.

Ding Dong. The door is being opened by John.


2/Vocabulary Practice

  • to prepare the dinner
  • The main course
  •  by me.
  • The dessert
  • by your Mother
  • She might be invited
  • as well.
  • She must be told
  • the bread.
  • to be told about
  •  to relax
  • This is not my idea of relaxing.
  • to peel the potatoes.
  • By the way
  •  from the pound
  •  to get a receipt
  •  if she has forgotten to do so.
  • to prepare the table
  • the cleaning
  • the starter
  • earlier
  • the dog
  • to take for a walk
  • ten minutes ago
  • after all.
  • the boyfriend
  • to be informed about it.
  • just in case
  • to be held


Passive Voice revision + further terminology and tense transformations

More about passive and active voices:

We can also distinguish personal from impersonal passive.

Firstly, Personal passive = the object of the active sentences becomes the subject of the passive sentence. So all transitive verbs can  form a personal passive, (a transitive verb means that it can be followed by an Object).

Example: She built a new house. A new house was built.

Secondly,  Impersonal passive = verbs that cannot have an object are intransitive verbs. They cannot form a personal passive sentence (meaning there is no object in the active voice that can be used as the subject of the passive form/sentence). In this case and in order to use the same verb in both the active and passive voice, you will need the preposition “it” (impersonal construction).


They said becomes, It is said.

More Examples of transformations:

His dog  + “to be” + past participle of main verb (to leave behind becomes left behind)

We take the tense used in the active voice, to conjugate the verb “to be” in the passive voice and add the past participle of the main verb of the active voice (to leave behind > left behind).

Firstly, Simple present.

They leave the dog behind. (active voice)

Their dog is left behind. (passive voice)

Secondly, Present continuous.

They are leaving the dog behind. (active voice).

Their/The dog is being left behind. (passive voice).

Thirdly, Simple past.

They left the dog behind. (active voice)

The dog was left behind. (passive voice)

Fourthly, Present perfect.

They have left the dog behind. (active voice)

The dog has been left behind. (passive voice)

Fifthly, Past perfect.

They had left the dog behind. (active voice)

The dog had been left behind. (passive voice)

Sixthly,  simple future.

They will leave the dog behind. (active voice)

The dog will be left behind. (passive voice)

Seventhly, future perfect.

They will have left the dog behind. (active voice)

The dog will have been left behind. (passive voice)

Eighthly, simple conditional.

They would leave the dog behind. (active voice)

The dog would be left behind. (passive voice)

Ninthly, conditional perfect.

They would have left the dog behind. Active voice.

The dog would have been left behind. Passive voice.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Any news about dinner?

The main course has been prepared already.

Will your sister be invited?

I think she will be invited.

Is it true you were told to relax?

Yes, I have been over doing it lately.

I am right in thinking that the car was collected.

Yes, it was collected this morning.

Have you received your order?

My order is guaranteed to be delivered within three working days.

Is it good to eat with your left hand?

It is considered in some cultures to be so.

Did you find the code you were looking for?

No, there were meant to be some in the shop but there weren’t any.

Do you need to lose weight?

It has been suggested that I should.

Has your appointment been confirmed yet?

No, I have heard nothing.

Are you concerned?

No, they say there is nothing to worry about.

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