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Lesson 89


1/ Sentence Practice

Well thank you for showing us around your lovely house and we will talk to each other and let you know.

Most kind and if you don’t buy our house, I hope that you will find what you are looking for.

It was a nice house but all that he wanted to talk about was crime.

Crime, was all that he thought we wanted to know about. People who live outside London seem to think that we live in a war zone.

I have another house on my books just around the corner, it is empty but I have the keys.

It needs a bit of work on it but that is reflected in the asking price.

Do you fancy a look or is it getting a bit late?

We would love to but don’t you work long hours?

It was me that suggested it and after all, it is you that have made the effort to come down on a Saturday night.

This house is a bungalow and needs to be modernised completely.

The person who had it before was too old to maintain it and now lives in a nursing home.

The year when this house was built was 1955.

1980 was the year that the house was last renovated.

The person who had the house was a bachelor so the decoration is a little sombre.

The place where the man stays is not far but he has a nephew who has the full power of attorney, should you wish to go any further.

The reason why I am showing you this house is that I think it has great potential.

The thing I like about it is the fact that it is set back from the road.

What I like is the fact that it is completely private and yet the shops and transport facilities are near at hand.

I’m glad you have the keys to the last house, it all happened so quickly I didn’t have time to take it all in.

There is so much to take in that you cannot concentrate if someone is talking to you.

There are such a lot of things to consider that you really need to spend more time.

We have too little time to get a good look at the place tonight.

The electricity has not been turned off so that there is no rush. There are trains going back to London until late so take your time.

There are just not enough hours in the day to do everything you want to.

So here we are. I will let you in and give you the run of the place.

Well, the place could certainly do with brightening up.

Check out the living room and the french windows that open out onto the lawn.

The decoration could do with a makeover but the walls and ceilings are in a good state of repair.

We would need to smarten up the woodwork, perhaps strip it down and varnish it.

The kitchen and bathrooms are write-offs but the rest of the building is sound.

We could paper over the walls without messing up the charm of the place.

There is so much space and such a lot of Light.

I love it.

Well, try and hide your feelings so that we can negotiate the price.

Let’s look at the house from another perspective, if we can list all the things wrong with the house and then quantify that it will give us an argument to beat them down on the price.

We will say that the house is run down but that we can patch it up.

The house needs to be totally refurbished but that it has certain redeeming features.

They left the house to find the estate agent sitting in his car on his portable phone.

I knew you would love it, the bathrooms and the kitchen are condemned. The house has a couple of leaks, but otherwise it’s sound.

How do you know we love it?

Oh, I have been doing an online course on psychology and body language, and you two, have just stepped out of a textbook.

You want to know the price, the valuation is about 450K which means it is of no interest to a developer. However, a handyman who was prepared to do the work himself could do well out of this deal.

Would they take less?

The problem is that the old boy is adjudged incapable of deciding and there are three relatives who have to agree.

Make me an offer and I will do my best to get it accepted.


2/ Vocabulary Practice

  • To show somebody
  • to let somebody know
  • to live in a war zone
  • on the books
  • to be reflected in the price
  • to fancy
  • to work long hours
  • a bungalow
  • to maintain
  • a nursing home
  • to be renovated
  • a bachelor
  • sombre
  • power of attorney
  • to be set back from
  • near at hand
  • to take it all in
  • to spend time
  • to get a good look at
  • to take your time
  • not enough hours in the day
  • the run of the place
  • to brighten up
  • Check out
  • the french windows
  • to open out onto
  • a make over
  • a good state of repair
  • to smarten up
  • wood work
  • to strip down
  • to varnish
  • a write off
  • to be sound
  • to paper over
  • to mess up
  • to hide one’s feelings
  • to look at from another perspective
  • to quantify
  • to beat them down the price
  • to be run down
  • to patch up
  • redeeming features
  • psychology
  • body language
  • to step out
  • a handyman
  • to be adjudged
  • to make an offer


Enough or Too

Let’s learn about when to use “ENOUGH and “TOO”! What do they mean and how do we use them within a structure?

First of all, “TOO” equates to “more than is required”, “more than is needed”. And “ENOUGH” means “sufficient”, “satisfactory”.

How do we use them? It depends with what we combine them.

1. How to use “TOO”?


If we combine “TOO with an adjective, we would have to place the adjective after “TOO”.

For example: “It is too warm”


The same thing applies to an adverb.

“TOO” + adverb: “she speaks too fast”


“TOO”:  if we want to make it work with nouns, we need to add a few elements.


So we use “TOO + MUCH” if the noun is uncountable. And ” TOO + MANY” if the noun is countable.

First example:

“there is too much snow”

Second example:

“there are too many options”


And finally, if we want to work with a pronoun we have to add “MUCH OF” between “TOO” and the pronoun.

“he ate too much of it” for instance.

2. How to use “ENOUGH”?


With “ENOUGH we have to place the adjective or the adverb before “ENOUGH”

“it is warm enough”

“she speaks slowly enough”


And if we want to make “ENOUGH” work with a noun, we simply place the noun after “ENOUGH”.

“is there enough food?”

3. Some advice:

Be careful if you say: “this is too interesting!”.

If you actually mean: “it is so interesting!” – “it is very interesting!”.

Here the connotations are very different:

– with “TOO,” it’s negative, – “this is too interesting!”.

– with “SO,” or, “VERY,” it’s positive, – “it is so interesting!” – “it is very interesting!”

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Can you hide your feelings?

No, I am always very transparent.

Are you always this busy?

Yes they’re just not enough hours in the day.

Can you look at it from another perspective?

I have tried and I had difficulty.

Do you think that it is a little expensive?

Yes, but we can beat them down on the price.

It is not in perfect condition, is it?

No, it is a little rundown.

Did you manage to take it all in?

No, I don’t think I managed even 50%.

Do you understand body language?

No, I am absolutely useless at psychology.

Is the house in a good state of repair?

Yes, there are just a few cracks that need to be papered over.

Where did those French windows open out to?

They open onto the terrace.

Aren’t there  lots of things to be fixed?

Yes, but that is reflected in the price.


Hi let’s look at a short vowel sound “ah”  Your mouth must be wide,  open your lips,  rounded your bottom jaw down, keep the back of your tongue almost flat., on the floor of your mouth “ah”; hat, adverb, ad, cameo, factory, map, anaconda. 

Let’s repeat; hat, adverb, ad, cameo, factory, map, 

Now, test time, how would you pronounce these words?

 The answer is, traffic jam, management. 

That’s it for today, see you soon. 

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