Unreal Past pdf with exercises and examples Lesson 85

Lesson 85


1/ Sentence Practice

What are you doing?

I am writing to the university to inform them of my decision to discontinue my studies at Christmas.

So you have made an irrevocable choice. There will be no going back on it, once you’ve posted that letter.

I have given considerable thought to the matter and my mind is made up. And don’t try and tell me that you are not secretly pleased.

I am taking the fifth amendment as I do not want to incriminate myself.

I was thinking that if my uncle was disposed to giving us a bit more money, we could improve the double glazing on the first floor.

This area has become considerably more crowded and far noisier in the last ten years. If you ask me, where we live is easily the noisiest place in town.

You exaggerate, but it is true, some of the soundproofing available on the market today is amazing. Our house is bigger and more comfortable than that of your sister, but hers is the best place for peace and quiet.

Where she lives, however, is my least favourite zone.

So, let’s look at the cost of soundproofing the house.

Buying made to measure windows are about twice as expensive as buying them off the shelf.

And what about changing the house? Perhaps, at the end of the day, we could find something better which did not need any work done on it.

Leave home sweet home? That would really be a wrench.

Look, if you’re not going back to college and so you can devote more time to the web page, we could easily afford a bigger mortgage.

You cannot run a building project and dedicate the thousands of hours necessary to build an online course.

Then the money from your uncle would be absorbed by the Stamp duty and moving expenses.

There is nothing stopping us having a look anyway.

Think about it. We are paying a premium for living in a commuter zone and we don’t commute.

The majority of jobs, I have been looking at, are on offer outside of London.

Prices aren’t nearly so high outside London.

Prices in Redhill are nothing like the prices around here.

The nearer to London centre, the higher the prices are.

With this Brexlax, prices are not quite as high as they were.

That means our house is not nearly as valuable as it was.

Yes, we would get less money but we would pay less, it is all swings and roundabouts.

Well with all this going on, I am absolutely exhausted. I forward the motion that we go out on the town and talk about this tomorrow.

One thing is for sure, I am sending this letter tomorrow and I am totally convinced that my future lies in online education.

For my part, I have had enough of my current work situation and I agree with you that we should lose ourselves in some kind of distraction and take up this discussion at a later date.

Did you take a shower or a bath? The reason I ask is very simple, if we moved out to the suburbs or even the country, we could easily afford a second bathroom.

Point taken, we will talk about it tomorrow.

How was your day anyway?

I am a bit tired of doing a job that my heart is no longer in but I’m not feeling too bad.

Our house is quite nice but it is not perfect.

This new Italian is widely believed to be the best in town.

It appears to be very good, I love good Italian food especially if it is run by the owners. Trattorias take a lot of beating, however, franchises are invariably disappointing.

Our problem is that having been to Rome, we have tasted the authentic cooking and after that, there is no going back.

It is getting late I’ll get the bill. Do you want to call a cab?


1/ Sentence Practice



  • to inform them
  • of my decision
  • to discontinue my studies
  • an irrevocable choice
  • no going back on it
  • to post a letter
  • considerable thought
  • my mind is made up
  • to be secretly pleased
  • to take the fifth amendment
  • to incriminate oneself
  • to be disposed to
  •  the double glazing
  • This area has become
  • considerably
  •  more crowded
  • far noisier
  • the noisiest place in town
  • to exaggerate
  • the soundproofing
  • available on the market
  • the best place for peace and quiet
  • my least favourite zone
  • made to measure windows
  • off the shelf
  • any work done on it
  • That would really be a wrench
  • you can devote more time
  • to afford a bigger mortgage
  • to be absorbed by
  • the Stamp duty
  • to pay a premium
  • living in a commuter zone
  • to be on offer
  • to be nothing like
  • The nearer to
  • as valuable as
  • it is all swings and roundabouts
  • to forward the motion
  • to go out on the town
  • I am totally convinced
  • my future lies in
  • my current work situation
  • to lose oneself  in
  • some kind of distraction
  • to take up the discussion
  • at a later date
  • to get changed
  • we could easily afford
  • Point taken
  • a job that my heart is no longer in
  • it is widely believed
  • Trattorias take a lot of beating
  • franchises
  • to be invariably disappointing
  • to taste the authentic cooking
  • As I said previously
  • to be making quite a name for itself
  • to be fully booked


Let's learn how to spell and when to use adverbs!

1/ Spelling of adverbs
Many adverbs can be formed from adjectives by simply adding -ly.
These rules will help you form and spell adverbs correctly:
1/ Basic rule: I add -ly: (except for full > fully > we do not need
3 “l”) quick > quickly
sudden > suddenly cheap > cheaply
slow > slowly correct > correctly
wrong > wrongly special > specially
nice > nicely polite > politely
literal > literally
2/ If the adjective ends with a consonant followed by -able, -ible, -le,
-e, we need to replace the final -e with -y on its own:
terrible > terribly comfortable > comfortably
probable > probably gentle > gently
true > truly whole > wholly
due > duly horrible > horribly
noble > nobly idle > idly
3/ When an adjective ends in -y, you replace the -y with -i and add -ly:
angry > angrily easy > easily
lucky > luckily happy > happily
crazy > crazily
4/ When an adjective ends in -ic, you add -ally (except for public > publicly which
is commonly misspelled).
Basically Tragically
Economically Pathetically
Ironically Realistically
5/ Some adjectives already end in -ly.
You will simply use the adjective in a noun group such as:
in a friendly way in a friendly fashion
in a friendly manner
6/ Not all adjectives can be transformed by adding an ending:
good > well fast > fast
late > late daily > daily
high > high hard > hard

2/ Let’s look at adverbs
An adverb is a word describing actions
Adverbs describe: verbs, adjectives, other adverbs, a way something done or happens
Adverb is commonly abbreviated “adv.”
Adverbs answer the questions: How? Where? When?
Adverbs are used before adjectives & after verbs
He is very quick > before an adjective. He speaks very quickly.
It is before an adverb.
He speaks very quickly. > very is after another adverb. He speaks quickly > quickly is after a verb.
He speaks well. > well is after a verb
He lives there. > There is after a verb.
He leaves tomorrow. > Tomorrow is after a verb.
Some words are used both as adjectives and adverbs!
Daily I work daily.
(adverb) My daily tasks include…. (adjective)
Fast. I speak fast.
(adverb) He is a fast learner. (adjective)
Late I sometimes arrive late.
(adverb) The bus is late. (adjective)
I work hard.
(adverb) The exercise is hard. (adjective)

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Will you please answer the question? 

No, I am going to take the fifth Amendment.

So have you made a choice?

Yes and it is irrevocable.

Did you phone the hotel? 

Yes, but it was fully booked.

What shall we do then? 

We shall find another, do not worry.

Is that a little expensive? 

No, we could easily afford it.

What seems to be the matter?

 I am not totally convinced, that’s all.

Your heart is no longer in this job, isn’ it?

It is, but I am just a little preoccupied.

Shall we go out on the town? 

Why not? it is Friday after all.

Would you like to take up the discussion from now on? 

No, carry on,  you’re doing a good job.

Are you going to get changed? 

No, I think I will go as I am.


Hi, let’s discover a short vowel uh sound. Your lips are a bit forward and very slightly rounded. Keep your tongue relaxed with its back raised: a, put look crooked, good, would ,pull, sugar. 
Let’s repeat, put, look, crooked, good, would. pearl sugar. 

Now test time .How would you pronounce these words? 
The answer is: Woman, booked, full.
That’s it for today see you soon

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