Adjectives english grammar with examples and exercises Lesson 84

Lesson 84


1/ Sentence Practice

I think that it is a good idea to work from home and the good thing about finishing the extension is that it will add value to the house.

If you add up all the time you waste commuting to and fro from the office and, not forgetting, the exorbitant cost of public transport, it’s a win-win situation.

I am going to build the walls with grey concrete blocks once I have smashed the old redbrick path in the garden and poured in the liquid foundations. The ground is fairly firm and there is no need to pile driving the ground. Parts of the inner city are built on clay and the wet winters and dry summers cause the expansion and contraction of the earth which leads to subsidence.

We live in a densely populated housing area and I am of the firm belief that we if fix up the house it is a good investment.

If I stick to a certain square footage I can bypass the arduous task of getting planning permission.

Although, I will still have to respect the building regulations.

Have you seen that decrepit old house on the corner it would appear that the council is about to evict some squatters as the property is condemned?

The place was boarded up a few years ago after a compulsory purchase order was served on the owner.

The squatters always manage to squeeze in through a hole in the wall. That horrible structure does not blend in with its surroundings.

So what do you plan to do for the interior?

I want to use some solid materials which are not likely to scratch or crumble, many synthetic products are too fragile and they chip too easily.

The colour and the texture I will leave up to you. If you like we can go and visit a DIY store next weekend.

I know you like that opaque mineral flooring that is all the rage something with specks in it and for the ceiling, we can put up some wooden covering.

Once I have put down a reinforced concrete base, we can buy some coloured mineral powder that just needs to be watered down and spread out. It dissolves very easily and does not leave crumbs, in fact, it has a smooth plastic texture.

I can borrow an electric cement mixer from our neighbour. He owes me a favour, as I am always lending him something.

How much do you estimate that the whole thing will cost? I know you are good at that kind of stuff.

I would say that the P.V.C. doors and windows were going to be the most expensive items. I will ask a couple of local firms to put in quotes but we will probably end up buying them ready-made.

So give me a ballpark figure.

I would say that 15,000 pounds should cover it as I intend to do all the work myself. That is with the exception of the plumbing that is. Do you think that it’s worth looking at Solar panels? They say that they are cost-effective and that they add value to the house. I don’t see how. It is always, either rainy or cloudy and they are not very discreet.

Why not? there is always some kind of exhibition of renewable energy products at the store. We kind find out more on Saturday and ask someone to come round and give us a quote.

So do you think that your uncle can give us that kind of money?

I think so. He was talking about, at least, three times that figure.


  • to add value to
  • to add up
  • the time you save commuting
  • to and fro
  • exorbitant cost
  • win-win situation
  • which leads to subsidence
  • I can bypass
  • arduous task
  • planning permission
  • to block
  • the building regulations
  • decrepit old house
  • to evict some squatters
  • the property is condemned
  • to concentrate
  • compulsory purchase order
  • to blend in
  • they chip too easily
  • the texture
  • I will leave up to you
  • DIY store
  • opaque mineral flooring
  • wooden covering
  • to put down
  • reinforced concrete base
  • to spread out
  • to water down
  • smooth plastic texture
  • crumbs
  • to borrow
  • electric cement mixer
  • to council
  • dense
  • to dissolve
  • DIY
  • to estimate
  • How much do you estimate?
  • local firms
  • fragile
  • grain
  • grind
  • pile
  • P.V.C.
  • quotes
  • ready-made.
  • to smash
  • to speck
  • to squeeze
  • to scratch
  • to crumble
  • stiff
  • synthetic
  • bypass
  • to demolish
  • to dwell
  • to evict
  • housing
  • inner city
  • populated
  • structure
  • surroundings
  • to board up
  • to be boarded up
  • to come out
  • to fix up
  • to end up
  • ready-made
  • a ballpark figure
  • to put in
  • to put up
  • with the exception of
  • the plumbing
  • it’s worth looking at
  • Solar panels
  • they are cost effective
  • renewable energy products
  • to give us a quote
  • commuter belt
  • home sweet home


Adjectives review 

The general order of adjectives before a noun or noun group is the following: determiner + observation + physical description (size, shape, age, color)+ origin + material + qualifier + noun

Examples: A beautiful old red Italian racing car. An expensive big antique gold mirror. That delicious traditional Thai recipe. Several tall young American football players.

Determiner = opinion – furthest to the noun = attitude, observations: lovely, nice, delicious, difficult… Size= size,

height: huge, big, small, tiny, little…

shape = shape, weight, length: square, round,long, fat, oval, flat…

Condition = condition, state: rich, hungry, clean, wet…

Age = how old is it?: new, old, antique, young, modern…

Colour = approximate colour, colour: purple, blue, reddish, golden, green, white…

Pattern = design, pattern:

flower, zigzag, checked, stripy…

Material = what is it made of?: gold, wooden, plastic, synthetic, cotton,

cardboard, paper…

Purpose – closest to the noun = what is it used for?: riding,

shopping, gardening, frying, dining, sleeping…


Before adjectives we would also have a determiner, generally speaking: a, an, the,

this, those, her, your, my, our, some…

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

They say that it is a good idea to work from home. Do you agree? 

I couldn’t say actually, because I have never done it.

Is the population dense where you live?

Not really, there are no blocks of flats. 

Do you think all this rain will lead to some subsidence?

I suppose it could, but I’m no expert.

Can you give me a ballpark figure? 

I would say it would be in the region of £15,000.

Why is the cost so exorbitant? 

I think it is because it is made to measure.

What kind of money are you talking about?

I am not sure, I am waiting for an estimate.

Why has the property been condemned?

I suppose it is because it is a decrepit old building.

Do you think the squatters should be evicted? 

I haven’t really given it a thought.

Can I leave the choice up to you?

Yes, don’t worry about it.

Does the wall need a concrete base?

Yes it does, if we want it to be solid.


Hi, let’s look at another vowel sound called diphthong, also pronounced diphthong. Eah your tongue goes up at the
front, smile then release. eah eah, bear, here we’re clear, real near.
Let’s repeat eah, ear beer, here, we’re, clear, real, near. 
Now test time how would you pronounce these words?
The answer is: cheering, years, here. 
That’s it for today see you soon you.

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