The future perfect and future perfect continuous difference in English 75

Lesson 75


1/ Sentence Practice

The course starts on Monday and you will be really breaking the mold. It is not every day somebody gives up a successful job to go back to university, especially something academic like modern languages.

That’s true, there is no money to be made in translation or as an interpreter. It’s not like computer programing where it is possible to learn to design an app and make a fortune. However, as I work on the internet that gives me a far greater scope.

I speak English as do 400 million others but if I can master Spanish, I can double my audience. Surely, it would be cheaper to find a bilingual secretary than take three years out of your working life learning the language.

It is not just about money. The desire to study is my ongoing obsession with self-improvement and education.

It looks like you will soon have forgotten what working in an office is like. By this time next year, you will have learned three new languages. I hope you will not have forgotten about me by then.

People grow apart you know. Next month we will have been together seven years.

I am only going to the other side of London, admittedly that it is too far to commute but I can be home in a couple of hours.

You know me, I am not the most sociable man in the world. Who else would put up with a curmudgeon like me?

That is true, I had not thought of that.

Steady on, that was not an invitation for a brutal attack of irony.

This time next week, I’ll be studying grammar and you will be working hard.

The weekend will be arriving before you know it and we will soon find a comfortable routine.

If I could find a way of continuing my studies and earning money at the same time, believe me, I would do it.

I think that in the future, more and more people will be returning to study.

I will tell you about everything as soon as I arrive.

I will send you some photos by Watsup once I’ve moved in.

I will keep you up to date until you have moved in with me next term.

I am just about to go to bed, do you need anything?

I’m on the point of getting a cup of cocoa, would you like one?

am due to meet my boss tomorrow about a pay rise.

I thought you would have asked him before.

I wish you luck as there is no harm in asking but a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

I am sure he has had a change of heart since the last time I asked him. He knows I know the job inside out.

Well, stick to your guns and if he doesn’t agree, you will just have to turn over a new leaf.

You have all the tools of the trade even with all the mod cons, you will not be easy to replace.

Thank you for the reassurance.

You’re to get to bed before midnight then.


2/Vocabulary Practice

  • adapt-adaption-adaptor-adaptable
  • adjust-adjustable-adjustment
  • alter-alteration-alternate
  • capable-capability-incapable
  • change-exchange-interchange
  • continue-discontinue-continuity
  • convert-conversion-convertible
  • electric-electrify-electricity
  • endure-endurance-enduring
  • evolve-evolution-evolving
  • flexible-inflexible-flexibility
  • modern-modernity-modernisation
  • new-renew-newly
  • persist- persistently-persistence.
  • place-placement-replace
  • process-processor-processed
  • revolt-revolution-revolting
  • to convert
  • decay
  • to deteriorate
  • to distort
  •  last
  • to maintain
  • mature
  • to modify
  • to reform
  • to remain
  • to revise
  • to switch
  • to transform
  • trend
  • uniform
  • no harm in asking
  • a leopard doesn’t change its spots
  • breaking the mould
  • just about to
  • on the verge of
  • a change of heart
  • to know something inside out.
  • stick to your guns
  • to turn over a new leaf
  • all the tools of the trade
  • all the mod cons
  • to be due to


Future perfect and Future perfect continuous.

Future perfect.

The future perfect simple is used for.

  1. actions that will be finished before.

I will have learned that rule by our next class.

By the time I complete this course, I will have learned a lot about grammar.

  1. the duration of an action before another in the future.

I will have been a student for many years by the time I graduate.

By December they will have had many lessons.

Signal words include: by the time, by Friday, in…

Future perfect continuous.

This tense is used:

  1. action or time before a certain time in the future.

He will have been working for the company for 25 years when he retires.passive

  1. to express cause.

They will be tired because they will have been studying for several hours.

  1. to focus on the duration.

I will have been running for two hours by the time I get home.

Signal words: for, since, by the time, the last, all,  long

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Have you forgotten yet?

No, but I will have soon forgotten.

And what time will he be arriving?

He will have  arrived before nightfall.

What will you be doing this evening?

This evening, I will be studying grammar.

Have you got a moment?

I was just about to go out actually.

When is the baby due?

It will be born in the spring.

When will the bed be delivered?

It will have been delivered before I get home.

Have you had a change of heart?

No, quite the contrary, I am looking forward to it.

Are you going to turn over a new leaf?

No, I am going to carry on in the same way.

Are you going to buy new car?

Yes, I want one with all the mod cons.

Do you subscribe to renewable energy?

Absolutely, it is a shame our parents didn’t.


Hi, let’s discover some consonant sounds together. fer, this is a voiceless sound there is air expulsed. Place your teeth
on your bottom lip. fur, for, knife, wife, forget, fruit, telephone, laughs.
 Let’smrepeat fur, for, knife, wife, forget, fruit, telephone, laughs.
Now test time, how would you pronounce these words?
The answer is; cough tough, coffee.
That’s it for today see you soon.

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