Expressions of time present continuous and other tenses Lesson 69

lesson 69


1/ Sentence Practice

John is back at home now. Susan is probably making the breakfast by now.

From now on, it’s back to work and the routine of daily life. John reflects back on his holidays.

What was I doing then?

Susan is dressed and ready for work. I will be back at six o’clock.

Alright, I will see you then.

I’m popping into work for a few hours this afternoon. You can reach me at home until then.

If I feel tired and come home before then, I will inform you.

First, go to work then decide how long you will stay.

Soon you will be as right as rain and you will be able to work more. We will need money as I want to go on holiday as soon as possible (ASAP).

I will get on it at onceOnce I am back at work, I will start earning more money.

once earned a lot of money and I can do it again.

If you want to be on time,  I suggest you get your skates on. You should be in time to catch the next bus.

I’ll see you later. Can you phone me later on?

By the end of this course, you should have a good level of English.

It wasn’t so bad in the end, was it?


  •  is back
  • at home
  • probably
  • making the breakfast
  • by now
  • From now on
  • it’s back to work
  • the routine
  • daily life
  • reflects back
  • What was I doing then?
  • is dressed
  • ready for work
  • alright
  • to see you then
  • popping into
  • to reach me
  • until then.
  • before then
  • to inform someone
  • then decide
  • soon
  • right as rain
  • as soon as possible
  • ASAP
  • to get on it
  • at once
  • Once
  • to earn more
  • I once earned
  • on time
  • to suggest
  • get your skates on
  • in time
  • to catch the bus
  • I’ll see you later
  • later on
  • by the end
  • level of English
  • It wasn’t so bad
  • in the end


Time expressions with “time” and other ways of saying “ASAP” in formal English.

Time expressions for formal written English and expressions with “time”:

Expressions with time

ahead of time = earlier than expected

ahead of one’s time = revolutionary

at times = sometimes = from time to time

all the time = constantly = at all times

at no time = never

at one time = formerly

at the same time = simultaneously

at the time = back then

behind the times = old-fashioned

behind time = late

for the time being = for now

in no time (at all) = very soon

in good time = punctually = on time

in time = early enough

many a time = frequently

one at a time = one after the other

time after time = repeatedly

ASAP? How to express the same idea but more politely or in a more formal manner:

at your earliest convenience (not terribly urgent, formal)

right away (urgent, less formal)

urgent / urgently (urgent)

as soon as possible (almost urgent, polite)

immediately (urgent, less polite)

as soon as you can (almost urgent, polite but less formal)

without delay (urgent, formal yet less polite)

at once (urgent and less polite)

soon / quickly (not quite urgent)

promptly (less polite as may suggest the answer is due and the reader has been slow)

straight away (formal but less polite) / at once (less polite)


Questions and Answers

1/ Vocabulary Sentence


Can you come at once?

No, but I can come once I have finished what I am doing.

Will it be dark soon?

It’s getting dark already.

Can you phone me later?

I will phone you as soon as I get home.

Will you have finished the work by the end of the week?

I think I will finish sooner rather than later.

The shop closes in one hour, will you have finished shopping before then?

I don’t know, but I will be here until then.

From now on, you will do as I want, is that clear?

Crystal clear but I won’t.

Should she have phoned me by now?

Yes she should have.

What was I doing then?

I can’t remember either.

Will I see you then?

I hope so.

Can they contact the office as soon as possible?

I will see what I can do.


Hi, let’s discover some consonant sounds together. z, the sides of your tongue touch your teeth this is a voiced sound, so you must feel a vibration from your throat. Zoo Zoo bees, music, easy, dozen,

magazine, dishes.

Let’s repeat Zoo Zoo bees, music, easy, dozen, magazine, dishes.

Now test time, how would you pronounce these words?

The answer is ooze, frozen, boxes.
That’s it for today see you soon.

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