Transitive and intransitive phrasal verbs definition in English Lesson 64

Lesson 64


1/Sentence Practice

Taxis always turn up (arrive) late. I am sorry that I am late but the traffic builds up (increaseshere at this time of day.

Today was made worse by the fact that a car had broken down (stopped working) on the main road.

Did you see that madman on the motorcycle, he should stop showing off. behave to attract attention).

Have you come up with (thought of) any ideas for a present for your family.

I wondered when you were going to get around (finally do something) to that.

I will buy duty-free perfumes, aftershave and makeup on the plane.

Do you think your mother will put up with (accept something) just that?

I am looking forward to think with pleasure about the future)  being in front of the TV tonight.

I will be able to catch up ( find out the latest) with all the news and sport.

We get along with ( have a good relationship) each other with one exception.

Are you talking about the Premier League by any chance?

If you are asking me if I have gone down with football fever?

Which team do you support?

Real Madrid.

It was either going to be that one or the other Spanish one.



2/Vocabulary Practice

  • Phrasal verbs
  • two-part verbs no object
  • Taxis
  • turn up
  • to arrive
  • I am sorry that I
  • to build up
  • increases
  • this time of day.
  • to make worse
  • by the fact that
  • broken down.
  • to stop working
  • on the main road.
  • Did you see that
  • Madman
  • showing off
  • behave to attract attention
  • to come up with
  • to think of
  •  any ideas
  •  a present
  • to get around to
  • finally do something
  •  aftershave
  • makeup
  • to put up with
  • accept something
  • I am looking forward to
  • think with pleasure about the future
  • in front of the TV
  • to catch up.
  • find out the latest
  • sport.
  • to get along with
  • have a good relationship
  • one exception.
  • the Premier League
  • by any chance
  • to go down with
  • football fever
  • to support
  • Real Madrid.
  • either  one or the other


Phrasal Verbs - transitive and intransitive

Do also note that phrasal verbs can be either:

1/ transitive, which means they can be followed by a direct object. Most phrasal verbs are transitive.

to clear up

Please clear up the lounge.

to find out

I must find out the meaning of this idiom.

to turn on

Please turn on the radio.

Please turn the radio on.

Please turn it on.

2/ intransitive, which means that they have no direct object

to wake up

I woke up at 8 am

to take off

The plane took off early.

to break down

My car has broken down again.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Are you showing off?

Yes but its not every day you get 8 out of 9 in the IELTS.

Did you see that madman overtaking?

I could hardly miss him.

Are you looking forward to your holidays?

I certainly need them.

Have you built up your energy for the game?

Yes, I had an early night last night.

Have you finished your home work?

Yes, I have finally done it.

Are you wearing make up?

Why do you ask, is it that subtle?

Guess where my car broke down this morning?

On the main road, I saw you talking to the breakdown driver.

Are you curled up in front of the TV again?

Yes, so what?

Do you get along with your brother?

Most of the time, yes.

Do you have a good relationship with you workmates?

Absolutely, we get on like a house on fire.


Hi,  let’s discover some consonant sounds together yeah, your tongue is upwards so only a small gap is left at the top of your mouth. yeah, yes, new,  yawn, usual, yell yak,  yard.
Let’s repeat:  yeah, yes, new,  yawn, usual, yell , yak,  yard.

Now test time, how would you pronounce these words?

The answer is, Europe ,university, union.
That’s it for today see you soon.

Exercises Lesson 64

Comprehension Practice

Vocabulary Practice

Grammar Practice

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