phrasal verbs list with an explanation in English Lesson 63

In this English lesson 63 we explain, “phrasal verbs list” in English

phrasal verbs in English.
phrasal verbs list


1/English Sentence Practice

Phrasal verbs: unsplittable and splittable.

With some phrasal verbs, the verb and the preposition are always spoken together with others you can place a word in between the verb and the proposition.They are called unsplittable and splittable.

It has not taken me a long time to get over (to recover) my illness. I think you did look after ( to tend) me rather well.

It is our last day today  and I have looked into (investigatedthe best way to get to the airport.

ran into (encountered) a  woman who comes here every year. Then her husband came along (arrived) and joined in ( participatedthe conversation.

They came across (discovered) a really good taxi service last year and they gave me the number.

I would like to run through (discuss) the details with you

I know you will not stand for (support) any mishaps and we should plan now the schedule so I would like to work it out (plan).

The hotel is carrying out (doing) a survey. They would like us to fill it in (complete) and give it in (submit) at the reception.

Can we do that later? Don’t put it off (delay).

The taxi will pick us up (collect) at nine o’clock and drop us off (deliver)  at the airport at ten o’clock.

The plane does not take off  (depart) until three so we have plenty of time.

You left the light on in the bathroom, could you please turn it off and come to bed.

English Vocabulary

2/English Vocabulary Practice

  • phrasal verbs list
  • phrasal verbs
  • unsplittable
  • splittable.
  • to take a long time
  • to get over
  • to recover from
  • an illness.
  • to look after to care for
  • rather well.
  • last day
  • to look into
  • to investigated
  • the best way
  • to get to the airport.
  • to run into
  • to encounter
  • to come along
  • to join in
  • to  participated
  • The conversation.
  • to come across
  • to discover
  • taxi service
  • last year
  • to give the number of.
  • to run through
  • to discuss
  • the details
  • to stand for
  • support
  •  mishaps
  • to plan
  • the schedule
  • so
  • to work it out
  • to plan
  • to carry out
  • a survey.
  • to fill  in
  • to complete
  • to give in
  • to submit
  • to put off
  • to delay
  • to pick up
  • to collect)
  • to drop  off
  • to deliver
  • to take off
  • to depart
  • until
  • plenty of time.
  • to leave
  • the light on
  • to turn off
  • to come to bed.

English Grammar

Phrasal verbs list: unsplittable and splittable

A phrasal verb that splits is called separable:

to turn off

I turned off the lights

I turned the lights off

I turned them off

I picked up the baby

I picked the baby up

I picked it up

Phrasal verbs list

A phrasal verb that does not split is called inseparable:

to look after

I will look after the children

I will look after them

English Speaking Practise

Questions and Answers

Have you looked into the possibility of flat sharing?

Yes, I have filled in a form and sent it off.

Will they find a solution?

They will work something out.

What time will the taxi pick us up?

At 10 o’clock and we will be dropped off at the station at 10.30.

Where did you get that shirt?

I came across it in the sales.

Can you turn the television off?

No, you should join in and watch the football.

Did you go for a checkup?

No, I put it off until next week.

Did you drop the kids off, at school?

Yes, would you like me to pick them up?

Did you leave the light on in the bathroom?

Yes, I will turn it off and come to bed.

Guess who I ran into at the airport?

An old friend?

Would you give me the number of the chemist?

Yes, I will give it to you now.



Let’s discover some consonant sounds together. ja, this is a voiced sound, you should feel a vibration from your throat, your tongue goes from the palate downwards, thus releasing air. ja, Jam, juice, giant, fridge, job, refuge, manager.

Let’s repeat ja, Jam, juice, giant, fridge, job, refuge, manager.

Now test time, how would you pronounce these words? The answer is; jaw, general Jewels. That’s it for today see you soon.

Lesson 63 recap with Julia.

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Phrasal verbs list Exercises Lesson 63

Vocabulary Exercise

Comprehension Exercise

Grammar Exercise

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