Superlatives and comparatives pdf explained in English Lesson 60

In this English lesson 60 we explain, “Superlatives and comparatives pdf” in English

Some superlatives and comparatives
superlatives and comparatives pdf


 1/English Sentence Practise

It has been a long time since John has been to Spain.

The longest period he had ever stayed there before was just one week.

This was the most modern hotel he had ever stayed in and perhaps the least expensive.

It was easy to see why Spain was the most popular holiday destination in the world.

It was after all one of the warmest, safest and cheapest holidays available.

Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn.

They went to their room and got changed into their swimming costumes.

They go outside. Have you ever seen a bigger swimming pool? It’s the biggest one I have ever seen.

I didn’t feel well a week ago but now I feel better.

It is hard to believe that only three hours ago we were in rainy England.

To think I used to drive to Europe. Air travel is so much faster than driving a car.

It is certainly the fastest way to travel.

It is cheaper because not only  you do not pay for fuel and tolls but also you don’t pay for hotels.

Look at our hotel. Have you ever seen a bigger one?

It’s not only the biggest but it is also the most luxurious that we have ever stayed in.

English Vocabulary


2/English Vocabulary Practise

  • Superlatives and comparatives pdf
  • Superlatives
  • comparatives
  • to be a long time
  • the longest
  • the period
  • to have ever stayed
  • just one week.
  • the most modern hotel
  • to stay in
  • perhaps
  • the least expensive.
  • It was easy to see why
  • the most popular
  • holiday destination
  • in the world.
  • after all one
  • the warmest
  • safest
  • cheapest
  • the easiest
  • to get changed into
  • swimming costumes.
  • to go outside.
  • a bigger swimming pool
  •  the biggest one
  • I have ever seen.
  • to feel well
  • a week ago
  • to feel better.
  •  hard to believe
  •  only three hours ago
  • rainy
  • To think that
  • I used to drive
  • to Europe
  • Air travel
  • to be so much faster than
  • driving a car.
  • It is certainly
  • the fastest way to travel.
  • It is cheaper
  • fuel
  • tolls
  • have you ever seen
  • a bigger one
  • the biggest
  • the most luxurious  

English Grammar


Superlatives and comparatives pdf.

Adjectives are used to describe a noun.

Simple form of adjectives: interesting, funny, dark…

There are other forms: 3 forms of comparatives and 2 forms of superlatives.

Comparatives are used to compare two nouns.

Superlatives are used to compare one noun versus all nouns.


as as = comparatives of equality. We compare 2 similar or equal elements:

as interesting as

as funny as

as dark as

as long as

as happy as

as good as

as bad as

as far as

less than = comparatives of inferiority. We compare 2 elements one of which is of inferior quality:

less complicated than

less sunny than

less tired than

less long than

less happy than

less good than

less bad than

less far than

more than = comparatives of superiority. We compare 2 elements one of which is of superior quality. One is superior to the other in  a certain way:

more beautiful than

more complicated than

more interesting  than

This rule is for adjectives of 3 syllables or more. The following rule is for short adjectives:

-er than:

longer than

happier than

bigger than

cleverer than

gentler than

narrower than

Both are sometimes used:

it is more quiet than

it is quieter than

it is more simple than

it is simpler than


good > better

bad > worse

far > farther = further


the least = inferiority

the most = superiority

for adjectives of 2 syllables or more

the most charming

the least charming

the most expensive

the least expensive

the most compelling

the least compelling

for adjectives of 1 or 2 syllables

the -est

the longest

the happiest


the best

the worst

the farthest / the furthest

Be careful:

It is less stronger (WRONG) > It is less strong.

It is much more easy (WRONG) > It is much easier. It is easy

This is the worse (WRONG) > It is the worst

It is more funnier (WRONG) > It is funnier.

It is easier that (WRONG) > It is easier than…

It is as good like (WRONG). > It is as good as…

English Speaking Practise


Questions and Answers

Have you been away for long?

Yes, it’s the longest time I can remember.

Your’e not the tallest person I know.

Am I the shortest?

Which of the two is bigger?

This one is the biggest.

Do you find it warm today?

I do, it’s easily the warmest day so far.

Do you feel weaker or stronger today?

Much stronger, in fact, it’s the strongest that I have felt.

What is the most popular holiday destination in the world?

I would take a guess and say Spain.

Would you say that this was the cleanest town there is?

Well, it is not the dirtiest.

What is the highest mountain in Europe?

It’s Mont Blanc in the French Alpes.

Am I fatter than my brothers?

Yes, you are the fattest in the family.

Which car is faster?

The red one is faster than the white one.

English Pronunciation


Let’s discover some consonant sounds together. wer, keep your lips round and forward: wer, water, one, wolves, what, weight, between, square. Let’s repeat wer, keep your lips round and forward: wer, water, one, wolves, what, weight, between, square.

Now test time, how would you pronounce these words?

The answer is; language, quiet, which. That’s it for today see you soon. 

Lesson 60 recap with Julia.

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Superlatives and comparatives pdf Lesson 60

Vocabulary Exercise

Comprehension Exercise

Grammar Exercise

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