Some passive voice examples explained in English Lesson 41

lesson 41


1/Practice Sentence

How did it go at the doctor?  That doctor is always recommended by other doctors. I spoke to my friend who works at the clinic.

She said that whenever patients had a problem at her practice he was mentioned.

Patients will not be sent to a specialist unless he is good. A man was sent to see him only yesterday.

I must say he did not appear very worried about my problem. He thinks I have been working too hard.

Stress is always blamed for illness. My uncle was diagnosed with fatigue and he had appendicitis.

However, he has taken the precaution of sending me for a scan. I have to go to the hospital next Tuesday.

So I am happy that I will be told, one way or another. Incidentally, I arrived at the hospital a little late and I parked in a side road.

The car was parked badly and it was towed away. The car will be impounded until tomorrow.

When it rains it pours. Never mind, you will be taken to the hospital next week.

Don’t forget to come home early from work tomorrow, your mother is coming.

When did we arrange that? She was invited about a week ago.  Your Mother is always invited.


2/Vocabulary Practice

  • The passive voice
  • How did it go at the doctor?
  • to be recommended
  • at the clinic
  • whenever
  • patients
  • to be mentioned
  • to appear
  • very worried
  • about my problem
  • Stress
  • to blame
  • an illness
  • My uncle
  • to be diagnosed
  •  fatigue
  • appendicitis
  • to take the precaution
  • sending someone for
  • one way or another
  • incidentally
  • a little late
  • to park
  •  in a side road
  • to park badly
  • to be towed away
  • to be impounded
  • until tomorrow
  • When it rains it pours
  • to come home early
  • When did we arrange that?
  • about a week ago
  • to be invited


Passive Voice

The active voice is often referred to as the normal voice. However the passive voice is necessary as we might not know or have the active subject.

Active voice (simple sentence with 1 clause): S + V + O

Here the Object receives the action of the Verb.

Sandra has bought the tickets.

All the elements of the sentence are important in the active voice.

Passive voice

Subject + Verb + by + passive agent

Sometimes in the passive voice we remove the passive agent as it is not considered important.

The subject of the active voice (active subject) becomes the passive agent in the passive voice and is introduced by the preposition “by”.

The tickets have been bought (by Sandra).

The tense changes in the passive voice too.

Use of the passive voice:

1/ all the importance is given to the active agent (the object of my active voice > the subject in the passive voice)

2/ active subject is unknown

I had my wallet stolen. (I don’t know who stole my wallet so I have no passive agent in my sentence)

3/ structure variety and flow: if I take the object from my previous sentence

To do the Tense transformations from active voice to passive voice please review the following points:

past participle

irregular verbs

tense review

Transformations when going from the active voice to the passive voice. What tense to use?


Her visa + “to be” + past participle of main verb (to extend > extended)

We take the tense used in the active voice, to conjugate the verb “to be” in the passive voice and add the past participle of the main verb of the active voice (to extend > extended).

Firstly, Simple present

They extend her visa. (active voice)

Her visa is extended. (passive voice)

Secondly, Present continuous.

They are extending her visa.

Her visa is being extended.

Thirdly, Simple past.

They extended her visa.

Her visa was extended.

Fourthly Present perfect.

They have extended her visa.

Her visa has been extended.

Fifthly,  Past perfect.

They had extended her visa.

Her visa had been extended.

Sixthly,  simple future.

They will extend her visa.

Her visa will be extended.

Seventhly, future perfect.

They will have extended her visa.

Her visa will have been extended.

Eighthly,  simple conditional.

They would extend her visa.

Her visa would be extended.

Ninthly, conditional perfect.

They would have extended her visa.

Her visa would have been extended.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Where was your passport issued?

 I have no idea.

 Did everybody who was invited to the wedding turn up?

 I think so. 

Do you think the problem will be sorted out by then?

 I should think so.

 After being treated, were you allowed to leave the hospital?

 Yes I was, I left immediately. 

When is the new supermarket to be opened?

 I am not sure, maybe next week. 

Were the stolen items found in the attic identified?

 Yes, they were identified. 

Once the barbecue is lit, can we start cooking?

No, it is better to wait 10 minutes.

 Global warming is thought to be caused by pollution, do you agree?

 I certainly do, it is obvious.

Is it true about the shooting? 

It has been reported the gunshots were heard.

Is most of your body fat? 

It is calculated that about 60% of a man’s body mass is water.

Exercises Lesson 41

Comprehension Practice

Vocabulary Practice

Grammar Practice

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