Prepositions of time and place explained in English lesson 37

lesson 37


1/Sentence Practice

Curriculum Vitae

Peter has looked through the list of applicants for his job vacancy.

There are one or two C.V.’s he likes. In particular, there is a girl from Italy who is looking for an internship.

He replies to her. he tells her that she can come to see him at his office, in the morning, on Wednesday.

She responds and confirms that she will be there at that time. She will be coming from Croydon by train or on the bus.

She hopes she will be on time. Peter is looking for interns to work by his side.

If they thrive he will be able to offer them a permanent post.

However, if he trains them up and they leave, he would have wasted valuable time.

He looks over another C.V of a young man who already has ample experience.

It would mean paying a salary but Peter’s precious time would not be taken up. Training people takes time and patience.

He contacts the man and arranges an interview on Tuesday in the late afternoon.

Both candidates could be interesting, He will know by Thursday.


2/Vocabulary Practice

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • to look through
  • the list
  • applicants
  • job vacancy
  •  In particular
  •  an internship
  • to reply to
  • at his office
  • in the morning
  • on Wednesday
  • to confirm
  • to be there
  • at that time
  • to come from
  • by train
  •  on the bus.
  • on time.
  • by his side
  • to thrive
  •  a permanent post
  • to train up
  • to waste valuable time
  • to look over
  •  C.V
  • ample
  • experience
  • It would mean
  • a salary
  • precious time
  • to take up
  • training
  • patience.
  • to contact
  • to arrange
  • an interview
  •  in the late afternoon
  • Both
  • candidates
  • to be interesting
  • by Thursday


Review of prepositions

Let’s go over complex prepositions of place and time!

Complex prepositions of time:

from… to…





until / till



from… to…

I work from 10am to 6pm.

The meeting is from 2pm to 3pm.


After work I go home.

After living in London we want to live in  Paris.


During the holidays I like to relax.

Is it open during the day?


Before work I like to have a big breakfast.

Call me before dinner!


He is here for 2 weeks.

I haven’t seen her for some time.

until = till

He is here until next week. / He is here till next week.

I have until January 8th to write my thesis.


While on holiday I like to do exercise.

I am dog sitting while they are away.


Since leaving that neighbourhood I am happier.

It has been this way since he left.

Complex prepositions of place:

Let’s learn some more Prepositions of place / location !

There are more prepositions of place:

  • over
  • under
  • far from
  • near
  • up
  • down
  • past (to go past)
  • among
  • next to
  • in front of
  • behind
  • between
  • around
  • through
  • out of
  • on
  • inside
  • above


The plane flies over the mountains.

The ball lands over the fence.


His room is under his office.

He lives under the bridge.

far from

She lives far from the school.

It is far from here.


She lives near the school.

I always park the car near here.


He is walking up the stairs.

I am going up to bed.


They are walking down the stairs.

It is down the street.


I walk past the office.

He is driving past the house.


He is among friends.

Dogs are among my favourite animals.

next to

It is next to the house.

Let’s sit next to each other!

in front of

His house is in front of mine.

The teacher is standing in front of the class.


The dog is behind the house.

The sun is behind a cloud.


The border between France and Spain.

They live between London and Brighton.


He is walking around the neighbourhood.

They are all around the place.


It flies through the room.

It comes in through the window.

out of

I am out of the office.

She lives out of town.


It is on the table.

It is sitting on the floor.


It is inside the box.

He listens to music inside the car.


It is above the shop.

Hold it above your head!

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Did you look through the list of applicants?

 Yes, I looked through the list of applicants. 

Was there anybody promising? 

Yes, there was somebody promising. 

Did you respond to the letter? 

No, I have not had time to respond yet. 

Will you train them up? 

Yes, I will train them up.

Did they pay you a large salary?

 Yes, they did pay me a large salary. 

Were both candidates interesting? 

One was interesting and the other could be interesting. 

Can you offer a permanent post? 

No, I cannot offer a permanent post yet.

Can you offer a permanent post now? 

No, I still cannot offer a permanent post.

Did you contact the man to arrange an interview?

 Not yet, I will contact him tomorrow.

 Will you come and see me at the office? 

Why? Have I done something wrong?


Hi, let’s discover some consonant sounds

together duh, your tongue touches the
front of your palate. This is what we
call a voiced sound this means you must
feel a vibration from your throat. duh,
Daisy, darts, delicious, ladder, Diamond,
played, dinosaur. Let’s repeat
Daisy, darts, delicious, ladder, Diamond,
played, dinosaur.
Now test time, how would you pronounce
these words?
The answer is,
dangerous, desk, earned. That’s it for today,

see you soon.

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