Lesson 77 – Working At The Hospital

Level C1 – Lesson 77

Working At The Hospital


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 1/ Dialogue in English (video format)

 2/ Transcript in English


Lesson 77 – Working at the Hospital

Sophie and John are a nurse and a doctor, respectively, at the same hospital. They started their internship together and got together almost immediately. After being together for five years they finally decided to get a mortgage and moved into a lovely house in a very nice and quiet neighbourhood. Last year, they were able to combine a housewarming party with that of New Year’s. The party was a great success and everyone had a wonderful time, they were looking forward to having another one. However, it was not possible to host another party, this year, as they are both on-call at the hospital.

The Christmas season and New Year’s can be quite busy and there is often a lot of people to see to. People drink and are not on their best behaviour, the kitchen is working overtime, with the oven, the hobs, microwaves and other electrical equipment being used, all at the same time, to prepare the delicious festive meal. Families gather together, occupying homes to capacity and with the excitement and spirits of the festive season, people can let down their guard.

Sophie and John both have their work cut out for them, and look after many patients. A young lady comes in with some serious burns. This is a very common accident to see during this time of year. Boiling vegetables, making gravy, steaming food and oven baking are all opportunities for people to burn themselves if they do not take precautions. Trying to keep others out of the kitchen, avoiding alcohol while cooking, and wiping up spills, are all steps we can take to preventing accidents in this potentially dangerous environment.

Another patient managed to take a tumble down the stairs and broke his arm. A guest at a friend’s house, he was on his way to the bathroom when he tripped on a toy car belonging to his friend’s child. By leaving a light on and avoiding leaving clutter after a day of opening presents is an effective way to reduce such occurrences.

As pretty as they are, Christmas tree lights can create an accident risk if they are not checked properly. Shocks, burns and even fires can occur should the lights be faulty. Regularly checking them and purchasing new lights rather than using the same ones year after year can protect the safety of you and your family.

One poor victim came in with a terrible bout of food poisoning. Having been looking forward to a roast dinner of turkey, roast potatoes and sprouts, he was dismayed to find, a day later, his stomach seizing up and he was constantly vomiting. The day after, his situation had not improved and so he decided it best that he take a visit to the hospital.
Of course, excessive drinking during the festive season is one of the biggest causes of accidents, sometimes, unfortunately with fatalistic results. One of the major contributing factors is people’s insistence on driving whilst under the influence of alcohol. Judgement is impaired and confidence is increased, catching people off guard, slowing reaction time and decreasing risk awareness. More so during the winter should caution be exercised, as roads can be wet and icy. The answer to this, simply don’t! Do not drive your car to a party. If you decide to have a drink give your car keys to someone who is responsible.

Sophie and John certainly have their work cut out for them this year but they do their job to the best of their ability and manage to help many people. By the end of their shift they are completely exhausted and cannot wait to go home to bed. They decide to have a party next week at their lovely home and invite all their friends. Their experiences this evening have given them plenty to consider when they have their party.

 3/ List of Vocabulary of the Lesson

  • At the same hospital
  • After being together for..
  • To get a mortgage
  • A lovely house
  • A very nice and quiet neighbourhood
  • They were able to
  • The party was a great success
  • Everyone had a wonderful time
  • To host another party
  • Often a lot of people to see to
  • Not on their best behaviour
  • Working overtime
  • Electrical equipment
  • To prepare the delicious festive meal
  • The festive season
  • To let down their guard
  • Their work cut out for them
  • To look after many patients
  • Serious burns
  • A very common accident
  • Opportunities for people to
  • Do not take precautions
  • To keep others out of the kitchen
  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Wiping up spills
  • Potentially dangerous environment
  • To take a tumble down the stairs
  • He tripped on a toy car
  • An effective way to reduce…
  • Christmas tree lights
  • An accident risk
  • Checked properly
  • The safety of you and your family
  • Food poisoning
  • He was dismayed to find
  • Seizing up
  • His situation had not improved
  • Excessive drinking
  • One of the biggest causes of accidents
  • Major contributing factors
  • Under the influence of alcohol
  • Judgement is impaired
  • Catching people off guard
  • To someone who is responsible
  • To the best of their ability
  • To help many people
  • They are completely exhausted
  • To go home to bed
  • To invite all their friends
  • Plenty to consider
  • When they have their party

 4/ Downloadable PDF of the Lesson

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5/ Comprehension Quizzes (3 to complete)

Interactive Video Comprehension Quiz 1

Summary Statements Comprehension Quiz 2

Drag and Drop Quiz 3: 

6/ Grammar Practice (video tutorial(s) and interactive quizzes)

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7/ Pronunciation Practice (video tutorial(s) and interactive quizzes)

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