Lesson 4


How to use the Who, When, What, Why, Which, Where, How, Question Words in English.


1/Sentence Practice

  • Where is a good dentist? –
  • Where is the fireman? –
  • Where is the flight attendant? –
  • Where are the classrooms? –
  • Where are the policemen?
  • Who is a good lawyer? –
  • Who is a plumber? –
  • Who is a technician? –
  • Who are the firemen?
  • Why is he a good teacher? –
  • Why is she a judge? –
  • Why are they not nurses? –
  • Why aren’t they photographers?
  • What is a good sales assistant? –
  • What is a bad hairdresser? –
  • What are bad reporters? –
  • What are good teachers?
  • When is the class? – When is the lesson? – When are the classes? –
  • When are the lessons?
  • How is a good nurse? –
  • How is a bad vet? –
  • How are the classes? –
  • How is the school? – How is your teacher?


2/Vocabulary Practice

  • where
  • who
  • why
  • what
  • when
  • how
  • a fireman – firemen (plural)
  • a flight attendant – flight attendants
  • a hairdresser – hairdressers
  • a judge –  judges
  • a lawyer –  lawyers
  • a nurse – nurses
  • a photographer – photographers
  • a plumber – plumbers
  • a policeman – policemen (plural)
  • a reporter – reporters
  • a sales assistant – sales assistants
  • a technician – technicians
  • a vet – vets
  • a waiter – waiters
  • a school – schools 



How, what, who, where, why, when

A question word or interrogative pronoun is used in questions: how, what, who, where, why, when…? A question word appears at the beginning of a question or interrogative statement.

  • Who? is used to ask a question about a person or people
  • Why? is used to ask a question about a reason
  • When? is used to ask a question about a moment in time
  • Where? is used to ask a question about a place
  • What? is used to ask a question about an object, an idea, an action
  • How? is used to ask a question about manner

Questions in the present simple form of the verb “to be” and using a Question Word (or interrogative pronoun) follow the following formulae:

Positive form: Question Word + Am / Is / Are + Subject (+ Object) + ?

i.e. Who is a good vet? – Who are they?

Why is he a judge? – Why are they here?

When is it? – When are the classes?

Where is the flight attendant? – Where are the flight attendants?

What is this? – What are they?

How are you? – How are they?

Negative form: Question Word + Am / Is / Are + Subject + not (+ Object) + ?

i.e. Who isn’t well? – Who isn’t a good vet?

Why is he not a good judge? – Why isn’t he a good judge?

When is he not here? When isn’t he here?

Where are they not? – Where aren’t they?

What isn’t ok? – What is not ok?

How aren’t you ill? – How are you not ill?

Please be careful with the changes to the verb to be in the question form, especially with “I”: Why aren’t I?

Questions and answers

Questions and Answers

Where is London?

In England.


Where are the classrooms?

In the school.


Why is he a good teacher?

Because he’s not a bad teacher.


Who is a good lawyer?

He is a good lawyer.


How is the school?

The school is red.


Who is a good fireman?

He is a good fireman.


Where is New York?

New York is in America.


When is the lesson?

The lesson is now.


Why is he a bad vet?

Because he’s not a good vet.


What is a good apple?

A good apple is red and green.

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Exercises Lesson 4

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Vocabulary Practice

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