English Beginners Course Lesson 3


Learn how to use the present tense correctly in English in the affirmative form and how to ask questions using different verbs.


1/Sentence Practice

  • I am a builder. –
  • I work as a builder. –
  • Am I a bad builder?
  • – Am I not a good builder? –
  • Aren’t I a good builder?
  • You are a cleaner.
  • You work as a cleaner. –
  • You work as a cleaner. –
  • Are you a bad cleaner? –
  • Are you not a good cleaner? –
  • Aren’t you a good cleaner?
  • It is a good job. –
  • Is it a bad job? –
  • Is it not a good job? –
  • Isn’t it a good job?
  • He is a dentist. –
  • He works as a dentist. –
  • Is he a bad dentist? –
  • Is he not a good dentist? –
  • Isn’t he a good dentist?
  • We are doctors. –
  • We work as doctors. –
  • Are we bad doctors? –
  • Are we not good doctors? –
  • Aren’t we good doctors?
  • You are engineers. –
  • You work as engineers. –
  • Are you bad engineers? –
  • Are you not good engineers? –
  • Aren’t you good engineers?
  • They are electricians.
  • – They work as electricians. –
  • Are they bad electricians? –
  • Are they not good electricians? –
  • Aren’t they good electricians?


2/Vocabulary Practice

  • I work as a   I work as an….
  • bad  w
  • a job – jobs
  • an accountant – accountants 
  • a builder –  builders 
  • a banker- bankers
  • a barber – barbers 
  • a barman – barmen 
  • a chef – chefs 
  • a cleaner – cleaners 
  • a dentist – dentists
  • a doctor –  doctors 
  • an electrician –  electricians 
  • an engineer – engineers 


3/ Questions with verb "to be"

Questions in the present simple form of the verb “to be” follow the following formulae:

Positive form: Am / Is / Are + Subject + Object + ?

i.e. Am I a good accountant?

Are you a good doctor?

Is he a bad builder?

Is she a good banker?

Is it a good job?

Are we good barbers?

Are you bad dentists?

Are they good electricians?

Negative form: Am / Is / Are + Subject + not + Object + ?

i.e. Am I not a good accountant?

Are you not a good builder?

Is he not a bad engineer?

Is she not a good doctor?

It is not a good job?

Are we not good dentists?

Are you not bad bankers?

Are they not good barmen?

Contracted / short negative form:

Negative form: Aren’t Isn’t + Subject + Object + ?

i.e. Aren’t I a good accountant?

Aren’t you a good builder?

Isn’t he a bad engineer?

Isn’t she a good doctor?

Isn’t it a good job?

Aren’t we good dentists?

Aren’t you bad bankers?

Aren’t they good barmen?

Please be careful with the changes to the verb to be in the question form, especially with “I”:

Am I not…? >> Aren’t I?

Questions and Answers

4/Questions and Answers

Are you a builder?
No, I am not a builder.


Is he a cleaner?
No, he’s not a cleaner.


Is she a dentist?
Yes, she is a dentist.


Are they engineers?
No, they are not engineers.


Are we doctors?
yes, we are doctors.


Are you electricians ?
Yes, we are electricians.


Is it a good job?
No, it is a bad job.


Are you a bad cleaner?
No, I am a good cleaner.


Are we not good doctors?
Yes, we are good doctors.


Are you not a good cleaner?
No, I am not a good cleaner.

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