Reddit for Blog Promotion and how to use it

Reddit for Blog Promotion and how to use it

If  you want to be one jump ahead of your competitors then one of the best ways to do this is to subscribe to REDDIT.

In this blog post we will cover the following points:

  1. Introduction: What is Reddit?
  2. Signing up for Reddit
  3. Browsing Reddit
  4. Submitting to Reddit
  5. Reddiquette
  6. Reddit General Glossary
  7. Start advertising on Reddit

1/ Introduction: What is Reddit?

What is REDDIT

Reddit is, “the front page of the web.” It is also very entertaining and it has a highly organised collection of links. The Taxonomy of the web is simple to follow, Reddit is divided into SubReddits. The latter contain links which specifically cater to a certain interest, I can guarantee there is a SubReddit for just about everything.

It’s incredible that you can meet like-minded individuals who not only share the same interests as you but also you can share links. Reddit even hosts meet-ups for users so they can hang out in real life.

So Reddit has something for everyone and by the end of this article, you will find what you’re looking for.

The Basics

Reddit is a democratic forum where users vote for what they find interesting, informative and entertaining. People add links, and other users vote on it. the difference is that under a normal democratic system you can vote or abstain, with Reddit you can vote against. This is called giving a downvote. vote either up or down; the best content ascends up, and the bad stuff descends. Reddit is the most dynamic of websites, what is in fashion today is gone tomorrow.

What is the point of Reddit?

As stated you can find something about everything which is popular at a particular moment in time. You can meet people or hear from people who share your interests
reddit for blog promotion

Reddit is a mixture of useful and clinically insane content Some days I find myself drawn to the fun content somedays the useful stuff.


2/ How to Sign Up For Reddit for blog promotion?

is actually very easy. Enter in your browser. Go to the top right of the screen, where there is a box that with, “Want to join?” There is a link next to it that says “register”. Click and the image below will appear.
reddit sign up
Choose a username, enter an email address and choose a password.
reddit sign up

Why have an account?

Some people are not interested in having an account on Reddit however if you really want to dig deep into the Reddit you have to.  In order to save your favorite SubReddits you need to have an account and if you want to be able to up-vote submissions and leave comments, you also need an account. Reddit is about participation and without an account you cannot participate.

Reddit will build a personalized “front page” just for you based on your SubReddits.

You can have multiple accounts

Reddit does not limit the number of accounts you can create, something many users take advantage of. There are a couple of reasons for this, some are just for fun and some are more serious.

• Novelty Accounts – Most of these accounts have a gimmick used for each post.

• Throwaway Accounts – Some users make a second throwaway account before posting something they consider a bit strange. They may be posting something  /r/AskReddit/ that is somewhat delicate and that they do not want to be associated with their actual Reddit account. They make a temporary account to get an answer to their question and then they throw away the account.

• If people receive a REALLY bad comment, they see their comment score tumble into an abyss. If this happens it’s usually time for a new account as the old account’s reputation is ruined.

• To up-vote themselves –  People have been known to create multiple accounts in order to cheat the system. Just post something, then log out and log in under a new account, up-vote the post and reply with positive comments. This is not recommended practice and has been known to backfire.

3/ How to Browse Reddit


The Reddit interface does seem a bit chaotic the first time and it might seem confusing. With all the links from varying categories, you may well feel overwhelmed by it all. Just play around with it and you will soon get to know your way around.


The Front Page of Reddit

reddit front page

The default front page of Reddit is populated with content from some of the more popular SubReddits, such as r/politics and r/funny. The stuff that makes the front page is the absolute most popular posts on Reddit, so this is always a good place to start.

4/ What is a SubReddit? Submitting to Reddit

A SubReddit is a section of Reddit where people with the same interests can share things with like-minded people. When someone submits something to Reddit, the site will require he or she submit it to a SubReddit. Below I have taken a screenshot of  explaining the basic rules for submitting content.

rules for reddit submission

My Favorite SubReddits

Here are a list of my personal favorite SubReddits. Take a look at these and see if they are relevant to your interests:

R/technology –  Users post Technical topics for discussion as well as interesting articles and images. On the right hand side there are links to many specific technology Reddits.

R/TodayILearned – You know when something dawns on you or you find out something really interesting, share it.

R/funny – This will cheer you up most of the posts here are in picture form, but jokes and videos are also posted.

R/AskReddit –Consult the oracle on any subject, a kind of mini QUORA. What ever you question just post it and you will get some response.

R/gif – If you do not know what is a GIF it is an animated GIF image. There are some really funny ones.


They are just a few of my choices but there are many.

What is “Reddiquette” I keep hearing about?

If you join any club you need rules, Reddiquette is a system of rules governing the way people behave on Reddit. It’s  like etiquette in any other club. Here is an excellent article on Reddit with all the runes

5/ Reddiquette

Please do:

  • Remember the human. When you communicate online, all you see is a computer screen. When talking to someone you might want to ask yourself “Would I say it to the person’s face?” or “Would I get jumped if I said this to a buddy?”
  • Adhere to the same standards of behaviour online that you follow in real life.
  • Read the rules of a community before making a submission. These are usually found in the sidebar.
  • Read the Reddiquette. Read it again every once in a while. Reddiquette is a living, breathing, working document which may change over time as the community faces new problems in its growth.
  • Moderate based on quality, not opinion. Well written and interesting content can be worthwhile, even if you disagree with it.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling. Intelligent discourse requires a standard system of communication. Be open to gentle corrections.
  • Keep your submission titles factual and opinion free. If it is an outrageous topic, share your crazy outrage in the comment section.


6/ Reddit General Glossary

Reddit General Glossary

Some subreddits have  their own glossary


AIC – Acronym for “album in comments.” If someone posts one image and wants to you know there is a full album of pictures, they will add a link to them in the comment thread, and add “AIC” to the title.

AMA – is an acronym for “ask me anything.” This is common specifically in the IAmA Reddit, but you may encounter them in other SubReddits as well.


CAE – “Can or could anyone else.” This is an acronym you will encounter often in the Does Anyone Else SubReddit.

Conde Naste – The company that currently owns Reddit. They acquired Reddit in 2006, and have done a great job of keeping Reddit independent.

Cross Post – (Also called an x-post.) This is used to post something that has already been posted on Reddit, just in a different place. For example, someone must post a picture in r/funny that someone thinks would also be appreciated in r/pics. They would post it again, and in the title indicate that it is a cross post.


DAE – “Does or did anybody else.” This is the abbreviation where r/DoesAnybodyelse gets its name. You will see this in thread titles in the DAE Reddit. Someone may say, “DAE else think MakeUseOf is the greatest website on the Internet?” They would then be showered with praises about how correct they are by other Reddit readers.

Downvote – The act of lowering the score of a particular post. As mentioned previously, Reddit is a community built on readers voting posts up and down based on how much they enjoy the content. Downvoting is the beautiful thing that keeps the garbage from making your front page.


F7U12 – is a popular SubReddit where users come to post Rage Comics (see definition for Rage Comics). It literally means FFFFFFFU. It is 7 F’s and 12 U’s. The F’s are short for F*ck and the U is short for you.

FTFY – an acronym for “fixed that for you.” People use this if they are literally correcting something, like poor grammar or spelling, but you will also see it used sarcastically. For example, someone may say that Apple is the best computer company around, and someone who disagrees may quote them with the word Apple changed to Microsoft with FTFY underneath.

In rare cases, it can also mean F*ck this, F*ck you.


Hivemind – The opinion or feelings of the collective Reddit community. This may be used in a negative way. For example, someone may start by saying something like “I know the hive mind feels this way about this, but I’m going to have to disagree.” They are telling you that they are planning to go against the collective opinion, even if that may be risky.


IAE – “Is anyone else.” This is another acronym common to r/DAE. Iama – “I am a.” This is used in any of the “ask me anything” threads you would see around Reddit. A typical Ask me anything title might look something like this: “Iama Author for AMA” This is saying, “I am an author for, ask me anything.”

IIRC – is an acronym for “if I recall correctly.” You will see this one frequently on Reddit in arguments or debates. Some may say something like “Anderson Silva knocked Okami out cold, IIRC.” This is a way saying you could be wrong, but if memory serves, you are not.


Jailbait – a person someone finds attractive that is under the legal age of consent.


Karma – is your score on Reddit. See the section on Karma in this guide for in depth explanation on karma.


Meme – is a form of a cultural idea. It is more or less a catchphrase or concept, which spreads across Reddit like wildfire. A Narwhal is a great example of a meme.

MIC – is the acronym for “more in comments.” Similar to AIC, but if there is not a full album and instead, just more pictures.


Narwhal – a whale-like animal with a horn on its head. It is a very popular Internet joke.

NSFL – an acronym meaning “not safe for life.” This will be attached to posts of things that can never be unseen. Always be cautious when you see a post tagged NSFL; it may be something you will regret looking at.

NSFW – this means “not safe for work.” You would see this attached to any kind of post that you would not want your supervisor at work to see you looking at. You may see this with nudity, swearing, excessive violence, gore and things of that nature. You may also see entire SubReddits deemed NSFW such as r/NSFW and r/GoneWild. These Reddits will feature nudity in nearly every post, so if you see a Reddit tagged NSFW, you should avoid it on work and public computers.


OP – stands for “original poster.” This is used to address the person who first started the thread. For example, if someone posts a picture and the comments thread get long, he or she may start by saying something like “OP where did you get this picture?” The original poster will then know that the comment is directed to them, and not to another commenter.


Rage Comic – these comics make up r/fffffffuuuuuu Usually made with a comic generator, they are poorly drawn. They are usually used to tell a story about something that enraged someone.

Reddiquette – is the guide for the way to behave on Reddit. See the section on reddiquette for an in-depth look at reddiquette.

Reddit Gold – is the premium version of Reddit. It adds some new features and most importantly helps to financially support Reddit and keep the site alive. It can be gifted to another Reddit member if you think they did something to deserve it.

Repost – is something that has already been posted on Reddit. It is generally best to avoid reposting things. Chances are someone has seen it before, and they will not hesitate to call you on it. Don’t expect a lot of upvotes if your post is found to be a repost.


SFW – this means that a post is “safe for work.” Not every post will be tagged as SFW; just ones with a title that seems like it have something that would not be safe for work. For example, a picture titled “Oh man look at her ride it” would lead you to assume there is something not safe for work, but if it is just a picture of a girl riding a horse, then there is nothing to worry about.

SubReddit – A SubReddit is a collection of posts about a similar topic. They are the backbone that keeps Reddit organised. See the section on SubReddits for an in-depth description of SubReddits.


This – “This” is used as a way of stating that you agree with a particular post. Responding to a post saying only “This” is generally frowned upon because you are not actually adding anything useful to the thread.

TIL – acronym for “today I learned.” There is an entire SubReddit dedicated to people posting things they learned today. A sample title would be “TIL there is a type of dog specifically bred to look like a Dire Wolf.”

TL; DR – this is short for “Too long; didn’t read.” You will typically see this at the bottom of a long post with a brief summary of the post following it. People do this for lazy readers who just want the general idea of a post without reading the whole thing. For example, I could put “TL; DR this is a guide for new Reddit users” at the bottom of this guide for people who do not want to read the whole thing.

Troll – a troll is someone who does or says something just to get a rise out of people. They will typically disagree with a person’s opinion just to make them mad; even they do not actually disagree. As annoying as trolls can be, they are also necessary to keep things entertaining and exciting.


Upvote – this is the method of approving something on Reddit. By upvoting, you are signifying that you found the content useful or enjoyable and you would like to see it move up so other people can see it as well. People may also voice their approval of something by saying upvote, or upboat.


WTF – Short for “What the f*ck.”

Now you understand Reddit for blog promotion, you can post: articles, images, Gifs and link them all back to your blog.

7/ Reddit for blog promotion: let’s advertise on Reddit!