Noun phrases with examples and exercises in English lesson 90

Noun Phrases in English Grammar

  In this English lesson we explain what “Noun phrases”(abbreviated, N.P.), are. These are  nouns, or pronouns, (a person, place, or thing), +, one or more modifiers, (before, and after the noun, or pronoun). A noun phrase can also be replaced by a pronoun: i.e. The girl with the long hair is my cousin. = […]

Download this enough or too pdf with exercises and examples Lesson 89

enough or too pdf

In this English lesson down load the “enough or too pdf”and learn about when to use them.”ENOUGH and “TOO”! What do they mean and how do we use them within a structure? First of all, “TOO” equates to “more than is required”, “more than is needed”. And “ENOUGH” means “sufficient”, “satisfactory”. How do we use them? […]

like or as figure of speech with examples in English lesson 88

like or as figure of speech

  In this English lesson we explain “like or as figure of speech” with examples and exercises. 1/ English Sentence Practice Hardly had they got off the train when the mistake was realised. They had got off the train one stop early. Scarcely had they turned around when they heard the noise of another train […]

Types of clauses and examples in English grammar Lesson 87

types of clauses and examples

In this English lesson we will talk more about types of clauses and examples where they are relevant. Types of clauses: 1. independent clauses = main clauses. Coordinated clauses means 2 main clauses linked with a coordinating conjunction (FANBOYS: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) or with a semicolon (;): I have to find […]

Relative clauses and general concepts with examples in English Lesson 86

relative clauses and general concepts

In this English lesson 86 we explain “Clauses: review of relative clauses and general concepts” What is a clause? It is a grammatical unit consisted of a subject and predicate or verb, ranked smaller than a sentence because it is not always complete in itself. There are different types of clauses: dependent and independent: 1. […]

Unreal Past pdf with exercises and examples Lesson 85

unreal past pdf

In this English lesson, let’s learn how to spell adverbs and when to use and then down load the unreal past pdf. 1/ Spelling of adverbsMany adverbs can be formed from adjectives by simply adding -ly.These rules will help you form and spell adverbs correctly:1/ Basic rule: I add -ly: (except for full > fully > […]