A dialogue taken from a recent exam of the speaking test first b2.

FCE Course Lesson 5 – A dialogue taken from a recent exam of the speaking test first b2 with exercises.

A Dialogue speaking test first b2 Skills 4. In this lesson we will discover the main difficulties of the speaking part in the first certificate b2 exam. We will study vocabulary structures which are essential for the conversation part. The exam tip of today is about pronunciation: how to avoid mispronouncing 40 generally mispronounced words in English.

Dialogue 5: Vocabulary and structures

As Susan mentioned that she had difficulty with describing the pictures in the exam, Gordon suggests working through this part with her, which Susan really appreciates. Gordon takes out 4 pictures from his briefcase and they begin.

GORDON: Ok Susan, so here we have five pictures. These pictures each contain a person in a very different situation. For now, I just want you to describe the people to me and tell me why you think they have chosen to wear the outfits which they have on.

SUSAN: Ok. So, picture 1 shows a man who is wearing a suit. He is standing in front of a room of other men who are sat around a big table, all in suits as well. Therefore, I would say he is a businessman. Perhaps he is giving a conference. Ok, let’s see. The man has grey hair which suggests he is quite old. The suit is black, he is wearing a white shirt and a black tie. And ummm, I don’t know what else to say.

GORDON: Not bad Susan! You gave a physical description by saying a little about what the man looks like and what he is wearing. You also talked about his position in the room and deduced what his situation could be from that. I also advise you to talk about his facial expression as well, so here’s another photo to describe with that in mind.

SUSAN: Ok so here I can see two men who appear to be wearing sporty clothes. One of them is standing up while they other is kneeling down, tying his shoelaces. The man who is kneeling is looking up at the other man and the other man is looking back at him. They are both laughing which suggests they are friends and are enjoying each other’s company. They are both wearing tracksuits and trainers, the standing guy is carrying a holdall, whereas the guy kneeling down has his holdall next to him on the floor. So, I can imagine that they are on their way to or from the gym. They both look about 25 years old. One of them is pale and blonde whereas the other is tanned with very dark hair. If I take a closer look at their faces, I see they are both wearing sunglasses, which suggests it is a sunny day. Um, yes that’s it.

GORDON: Much better Susan! You have described their physical appearance in more detail, have described what they are wearing. You have also described their facial expressions and said what you think this means about their relationship. Ok good, so here is another picture.

SUSAN: Well, this picture shows a man who is dressed up as a clown. He is wearing a red haired curly wig, long striped trousers with braces, a white shirt and an oversized bow tie. He is also wearing massive shoes which I presume is for comical effect and he has his face painted white with a huge red smile painted across the bottom half of his face. He is walking alone on the street, with one hand he appears to be pulling his pants up at the waist which suggests they are too baggy and don’t fit him. With the other hand he is looking at his watch with a worried facial expression, suggesting he is in a rush. It’s possible that he is on the way to a fancy dress party and is running late.

GORDON: Excellent answer Susan, you’re really getting the hang of it now.  Ok so here is the last one.

SUSAN: Right, so this picture shows a young girl, I would say she is about 16 or 17 years old. She is wearing a long dress which is boob tube style. It is detailed with sequins and pearls at the top of the dress then it has a belt at the waist. Below the belt, the dress flows down so it is loose and floaty. The dress is navy blue and looks very smart. She also appears to be wearing high heeled shoes. The girl is smiling and is standing with her hand on her hip, she is looking at the camera which means she is posing for a photograph. She looks very happy, I would guess that she is about to leave for a school dance, it could be her end of school prom, she looks the right age for that. The dress really suits her, she looks very pretty.

GORDON: Excellent Susan, by the end you had really grasped it. So you just need to remember that where descriptions are concerned, if you have a checklist of everything to include, you should be fine. The checklist should have; physical aspects, clothing, facial expressions, positions and relationships. Remember this and you should be fine, good luck!

Vocabulary First Speaking Skills 4

to appreciate somethingto be grateful for, to value 
a briefcasean attaché case, a satchel, a portfolio 
an outfitan ensemble, attire, set of clothes 
to wear somethingto dress in, to have on, to sport 
a suitan ensemble, attire, set of clothes 
in form ofpresented as, in a way 
to give a conferenceto give a formal meeting for discussion 
let’s seelet me see 
which suggests…which indicates, leads to the belief… 
I don’t know what else to say.I am not inspired or lost for words. 
to advise (verb) / to give advice (noun)to give guidance, to offer suggestions / help, information, recommendations, guidelines 
with that in mindbearing that in mind 
sporty clothescasual clothing 
to stand upto get up (from) 
to kneel downto go down on one’s knees 
to tie one’s shoelacesto attach, to form a knot or bow with one’s shoelaces 
to look up at somethingto direct one’s gaze upwards 
to look backto direct one’s gaze backwards 
to enjoy each other’s companyto like spending time with each other 
tannedbrown or browner after exposure to the sun 
to take a closer look atto carry out a more thorough examination 
physical appearancethe way that someone or something looks 
in more detailas regards every feature or aspect 
facial expressionsmaking one’s thoughts or feelings known through facial gestures 
to be dressed up asto dress in a special costume for fun or as part of an entertainment 
a clowna comic entertainer 
curlyarranged in curls or curves 
a wigartificial hair made to cover the head 
the waistpart of the human body below the ribs and above the hips 
to pull upto move upwards 
to be in a rushto be in a hurry 
a fancy dress partya costume party, a theme party 
to get the hang of somethingto learn how to do something 
sequinsa small shiny disk sewn on clothing for decoration 
pearlsa hard lustrous spherical mass 
to flowto hang loosely in a graceful manner 
high-heeled shoesshoes with a high heel 
loosebaggy, not tight, loose fitting 
floatylight and flimsy 
to suit: this suits herto go well with or enhance the figure of someone 

Exam tips First Speaking Skills 4


Today’s Exam Tip for the First speaking test first b2 4  is about Pronunciation: avoid mispronouncing these 40 commonly mispronounced words:











the desert

a dessert

to develop

to dine

a dinner

a draught

























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