Business Lesson 15: Making Arrangements

Business Lesson 15
Making Arrangements

TEXT 1: Making Arrangements & Arriving at the Airport

Mary’s task this week is to make arrangements for a business trip this coming weekend. She has still yet to book a flight or a hotel. Let’s see how she fares. (M: Mary, T: travel agent).
M: (picks up phone) Hi, I would like to book a return flight to Vancouver, leaving from Toronto.
T: No problem, just a few questions. How many passengers? What are the travel dates? Do you prefer a specific time of the day? And lastly, will you be flying economy, business, or first class?
M: Of course, how could I forget all those details? The flight is for my colleague Brian and I. We need to travel this coming Friday and ideally returning from Vancouver in 4 or 5 days. We would need to depart before noon and business class would be preferable.
T:  Okay, we have an Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Toronto, departing this Friday at 10:15 AM, and a return flight 4 days later on Tuesday at 11:00 AM. There are 2 business seats available for both flights; the total price with taxes and cancellation insurance included is $1887.30.
M: That sounds great, here’s my credit card number… (number)
A few days later, Mary and Brian arrived at the airport a little late from work because of traffic, but still managed to arrive in time to check in.
(At the check in counter) (AC: Air Canada employee)
AC: Passports please. How many bags will you be checking in today?
M: Just one each, thank you.
AC: Here are your boarding passes. As of now your flight is departing on time, should there be any delays, they will appear on the screens situated in all the waiting rooms. As your flight representatives gain information, they will share this with you. Your gate is C35. Enjoy your flight!

TEXT 2: Arriving at the Airport & Making arrangements for Getting Around

After having landed in Vancouver, Mary and Brian walk through the arrival terminal to retrieve their luggage. Thankfully, both of their bags have arrived safely and they must now move on to customs and immigration. (IM: Customs agent).
IM: Passports please. Do you have any merchandise to declare?
M: I don’t believe so, no.
IM:  This isn’t your first time going through customs is it?
M: No sir, I just had to think about it for a moment.
IM: I understand. Are you two here for business or pleasure?
M: Business.
IM: Very well, welcome to Vancouver.
Now that the pair has cleared customs and immigration, they hop into the first available taxi.
M: Good afternoon, could you take us to the Four Seasons on West Georgia Street please?
Taxi: No problem, it should be about 25 minutes. Did you have a good flight?
M: Yes we did thanks. Twenty-five minutes sounds great, I hope there isn’t much traffic.
Taxi: Alright, your destination is coming up on the left. I hope you two enjoy your visit.
M: Thanks very much. Here you are, keep the change!
Upon arrival at the Four Seasons, Mary and Brian are eager to set their bags down and grab a bite to eat.(C: concierge).
C: Welcome to the Four Seasons Vancouver.
M:  Thank you. We have a reservation under Thompson.
C: Ah yes! We spoke on the phone earlier this week. You two are from CPA Investments, right?
M: Yes, that’s us. There weren’t any issues in booking us in on such short notice were there?
C: No, you two were quite lucky. We had a cancellation earlier on that morning. I have you down for double suite on the twentieth floor; room 2005.
M: Yes, that sounds correct. The twentieth floor will have a great view won’t it? I’ve never had the opportunity to see Vancouver from so high up.
C: You’re on the Southside of the building so you have a fantastic view. You should be able to see the oceanfront and most of the architecture from the 2010 Olympic Games. Here are your keys. I hope you two enjoy your stay. Ring us down at the front desk if you need anything and we will make sure that Making Arrangements is not a problem.

Vocabulary List


To make arrangements

To book a flight

A specific time of the day

it would be preferable

Cancellation insurance

To arrive in time

Boarding passes

Flight representatives

To retrieve their luggage

Going through customs

Keep the change!

Short notice

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Making Arrangements

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