lesson 67

English Course Online 67

Today’s Focus:

  • Vocabulary related to
  • Grammar point: Defining and non-defining relative clauses.

1/ Vocabulary Practice

  • Defining
  • non-defining
  • relative clauses
  • This is the plane
  • in which
  • Can you imagine?
  •  air pressure
  • at altitude
  • an instrument
  • with which
  • to measure
  • air pressure
  • a barometer
  • scientist
  • on whose
  • research
  • modern
  • to decrease
  • with altitude
  • Fascinating
  • a plant
  • from which
  • perfume
  • to be grown
  • the Amazon rainforest
  • to feel that
  • share the same interests
  • the reason we get on
  • Imagine if
  • to talk about
  • all the time
  • that’s why
  • to get along
  • I first traveled abroad
  • to travel abroad
  •  also
  • to meet each other
  • University
  • to get good marks
  • to please
  • parents
  • You were saying
  • the aircraft
  • to suppose that
  • to come from and goe
  • each day
  • I wonder if
  •  always the same
  • a crew
  • I doubt it
  • to doubt something
  • it depends on
  • whose
  • whose available on
  • a certain date

2/ Grammar Practice

3/ Sentence Practice

Defining and non-defining relative clauses.

This is the plane in which we came.

Can you imagine the air pressure at this altitude?

The instrument with which they measure air pressure is a barometer.

Torricelli, the Italian scientist on whose research was based the modern barometer, was a pioneer.

I know that air pressure decreases with altitude.

Fascinating, did you know that the plant from which this perfume is made is only grown in the Amazon rainforest?

I feel that we don’t always share the same interests. This is the reason we get on.

Imagine if I talked about football all the time. I don’t, that’s why we get along.

Two thousand and five was when I first traveled abroad. It was also the year in which we met each other.

University is the place where we met. We both got good marks which pleased our parents.

You were saying that this was the aircraft which we came in.

I suppose that it’s the same plane which comes from London and goes to Alicante each day.

I wonder if it is always with the same crews. I doubt it, it depends whose available on a certain date.


4/ Practice Quiz

Complete the quizzes below.

  1. Today’s comprehension interactive video: 
  2. Today’s sentences drag and drop: 
  3. Today’s grammar fill in the right words: 

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