lesson 59

English Course Online 59

Today’s Focus:

  • Vocabulary related to
  • Grammar point: Adverbs

1/ Vocabulary Practice

  • to sit comfortably
  • to be so comfortable.
  • they are happy
  • half empty
  •  happily drinking
  • a fruit juice.
  • hardly believe
  • good luck.
  • to be really careful
  •  not to overdo it.
  • carefully
  • undoing his seatbelt
  • to stretch his legs.
  • friendly.
  • to be lonely.
  • extremely carefully
  • with his recovery.
  • For once
  • to have time
  • to count one’s blessings.
  • to be too tired
  • to think anymore to fall into
  • a very deep sleep
  • to sleep well
  • it makes a change.
  •  as the plane touches down
  • to go through security
  • to detect the coin
  • in his appendix
  • As they arrive
  • at the hotel reception
  • the hotel looks good
  • to send a postcard
  • to write well.
  • to write badly

2/ Grammar Practice


3/ Sentence Practice


John and Susan are sitting comfortably on the plane. They didn’t think it was going to be so comfortable.

They are happy that the plane is half empty and they are happily drinking a fruit juice. John can hardly believe his good luck.

He has been really careful not to overdo it.

He is carefully undoing his seatbelt because he wants to stretch his legs.

The flight attendant is friendly. John thinks that the lady in front must be lonely.

Everyone has tried extremely carefully to help him with his recovery.

For once he has time to count his blessings. He is too tired to think anymore and he falls into a very deep sleep.

He sleeps well which makes a change. He has been sleeping badly lately.

Not only did he not feel well but he looked ill. 

He wakes up as the plane touches down in Alicante airport.

He goes through the security and he wonders if the machine would have detected the coin in his appendix.

As they arrive at the hotel reception he thinks that the hotel looks good.

He must send a postcard to his mother. She always tells him that he writes well. He thinks he writes badly.

4/ Practice Quiz

Complete the quizzes below.

  1. Today’s comprehension interactive video: 
  2. Today’s sentences drag and drop: 
  3. Today’s grammar fill in the right words:  

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