lesson 41

English Course Online 41

Today’s Focus:

  • Vocabulary related to
  • Grammar point: The passive voice.

1/ Vocabulary Practice

  • The passive voice
  • How did it go at the doctor?
  • to be recommended
  • at the clinic
  • whenever
  • patients
  • to be mentioned
  • to appear
  • very worried
  • about my problem
  • Stress
  • to blame
  • an illness
  • My uncle
  • to be diagnosed
  •  fatigue
  • appendicitis
  • to take the precaution
  • sending someone for
  • one way or another
  • incidentally
  • a little late
  • to park
  •  in a side road
  • to park badly
  • to be towed away
  • to be impounded
  • until tomorrow
  • When it rains it pours
  • to come home early
  • When did we arrange that?
  • about a week ago
  • to be invited

2/ Grammar Practice

3/ Sentence Practice

The passive voice.

How did it go at the doctor?  That doctor is always recommended by other doctors. I spoke to my friend who works at the clinic.

She said that whenever patients had a problem at her practice he was mentioned.

Patients will not be sent to a specialist unless he is good. A man was sent to see him only yesterday.

I must say he did not appear very worried about my problem. He thinks I have been working too hard.

Stress is always blamed for illness. My uncle was diagnosed with fatigue and he had appendicitis.

However, he has taken the precaution of sending me for a scan. I have to go to the hospital next Tuesday.

So I am happy that I will be told, one way or another. Incidentally, I arrived at the hospital a little late and I parked in a side road.

The car was parked badly and it was towed away. The car will be impounded until tomorrow.

When it rains it pours. Never mind, you will be taken to the hospital next week.

Don’t forget to come home early from work tomorrow, your mother is coming.

When did we arrange that? She was invited about a week ago.  Your Mother is always invited.

4/ Practice Quiz

Complete the quizzes below.

  1. Today’s comprehension interactive video: 
  2. Today’s sentences drag and drop:
  3. Today’s grammar fill in the right words: 

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