lesson 35

Free English Course Online 35

Today’s Focus:

The dinner has been a success.

Present Perfect

1/ Vocabulary Practice

  • Present Perfect
  • to collect one’s things.
  •  a pleasant afternoon
  • to give a kiss to
  • to agree to
  • to take her out
  • on Tuesday.
  • to shake someone’s hand
  • to each other
  • to have a nice time.
  • thinking about
  •  to catch up on
  • to land a contract
  • a company.
  • to have a moment
  • to contact
  • three months ago.
  • to recontact
  •  to give the go-ahead.
  • to go into
  • nearly a year
  • to oblige someone
  • another employee.
  • three years ago
  •  much easier.
  •  more competition
  • to find good staff.
  • to publish an advert
  •  email
  • candidates
  • to apply.


2/ Grammar Practice



3/ Sentence Practice

  1. Sara and Jeanne collect their things.
  2. It has been a pleasant afternoon but now they are leaving.
  3. Peter gives a kiss to Sara and agrees to take her out on Tuesday.
  4. Peter shakes Jeanne’ hand and they say goodbye to each other. Peter has had a nice time.
  5. As they are leaving Peter begins thinking about Monday
  6. Now he needs to catch up on some work. He has landed a new contract with a company.
  7. He hasn’t had a moment to look at it. The company had contacted him three months ago.
  8. but they have recontacted him this week to give the go-ahead.
  9. He goes into his study.
  10. He had been trying for nearly a year to land the contract. It will oblige Peter to take on another employee.
  11. When he started the agency three years ago it was much easier.
  12. Today, there is more competition and it is difficult to find good staff.
  13. He has published an advert. He consults his email to see if he has had any candidates apply.

4/ Practice Quiz

Complete the quizzes below.

  1. Today’s comprehension interactive video: 
  2. Today’s sentences drag and drop: 
  3. Today’s grammar fill in the right words: 

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