First Certificate Cambridge B2 listening Lesson 42

FCE Course – Lesson 42. We have arrived at the last lesson and I would like to talk a little about the latest changes to the first certificate Cambridge B2 exam. Now the exam is called B2 First, the B2 First shows that you have the necessary linguistic skills to communicate with confidence in an […]

demonstrative pronouns in french lesson 15

En esta lección hablamos de los pronombres demostrativos en francés y cómo ellos reemplazan a nombres -información o idea – mencionados previamente (que pueden llevar o no un adjetivo demostrativo). Diálogo sobre los pronombres demostrativos en francés con subtítulos en español. 1/ Phrases toutes faites Foot ou rugby ? Paul et Éric sont dans un bar. Ils parlent […]

-IR ending verbs in French – lesson 14

Conjugating -IR ending verbs in French is not as complex as it may seem. Here, we explain the conjugation in present of the indicative of the verbs that end in -IR. Dialogue in French with Spanish subtitles. Let’s practice the -IR ending verbs in French! 1/ Phrases toutes faites Tout savoir de lui Ce récit […]

-IR verbs in French – Lesson 13

IR verbs in French

In this lesson we compile the conjugation rules of the verbs ending in -IR or IR verbs in French. We propose a verb that serves as a conjugation model. Dialogue in French with subtitles in Spanish. Let’s learn how to conjugate IR verbs in French! 1/ Phrases toutes faites Sons français Mélanie est professeur de […]

Near future in French – lesson 12

near future in French

The near future in French is used to express the intention to do something in the immediate future. To form it we use the verb “aller” in present and the infinitive of the main verb. Dialogue in French with Spanish subtitles: Let’s learn how to use the near future in French! 1/ Phrases toutes faites J-3 Jean […]