Mine and yours in French – Lesson 11

mine and yours in French

Let’s learn the possessive adjectives like mine and yours in French (“les adjectifs possessifs”). We will start with the possessive adjectives of French, which agree with the noun that follows them (in gender and number). We already notice that in the plural, there is no difference between the masculine and the feminine. The “liaison” with […]

This that these and those in French – lesson 10

this that these and those in French

Demonstration adjectives also called this that these and those in French. Demonstrative adjectives help us to indicate or indicate the person, place or thing to which we have referred in a previous sentence. Like other adjectives in French, they agree in gender and in number with the noun they accompany. Dialogue en français avec sous-titres […]

What are the interrogatives in French lesson 9

interrogatives in french

In this lesson we will study the interrogative pronouns also called interrogatives in French, which can be used to ask questions. ° “Where”, “When”, “How”, “How much”, “Why” To know: A place -> “Where” A moment or duration (time) -> “When”, “Since when”, “How much”. A way -> “How” A quantity -> “How much” An […]

The use of adverbs in French lesson 8

adverbs in french

In this lesson you will learn to identify the different adverbs in French and learn how to use them correctly, improving your level. Adverbs are invariable words (not feminine / masculine, nor singular / plural). They can specify: – a verb -> He drives fast. – an adjective -> She is very pretty. – another adverb […]

How to say The in French – lesson 7

How to say The in french

How to use the definite article THE in French with examples? The definite French article is the same as the determinant article in English: the. The definite article in French agrees in gender and number with the noun that precedes it. The definite article (le, la, les) introduces a unique noun (for example: the neighbour’s dog, […]

Asking a question in French – lesson 6

asking a question in french

How to ask a question in the French language? In this lesson we will study the question form and the different ways that we use for asking a question in French. The simple question: -> the answer is “yes” or “no”: ° When your intonation goes up (the most common). ° Inversion of the subject […]