How to be a great teacher


Begin a teacher can be challenging at times so we have compiled a list of the best tips on how to be a great English teacher!

  1. Be inspirational

To involve your students and get their attention you have to inspire and motivate them. Show passion and you will receive passion!

  1. Be Compassionate

You have to show a kind of understanding towards your students and if you respect and listen to them, they will be more inclined to learn and open up to you.

  1. Stay Organised

Being organised is very important in teaching, you have to have structure in order for your students to improve and trust in you. It also helps you to know where you are at.

  1. Be Determined

Don’t give up, it shows if you don’t care or have the determination to help your students and it isn’t encouraging for them to see you not trying.

  1. Have integrity

It is very important to have morals and stick to them. This way you won’t get confused yourself or confuse your students. They will respect you if you are honest and stick to your words.

  1. Set an example

As we stated earlier, your students will be likely to act as you do, if you are passionate, they are passionate, if you are determined they are too. So make sure you set the example early on for them to see the kind of teacher you are.

  1. Be Creative

There is nothing more discouraging than a repetitive lesson reading from a piece of paper. You’re students will appreciate it when you try to do something different. It also helps to keep their interest and help the lessons to be more engaging.

  1. Evolve

Similar to above, you shouldn’t have repetitive lessons, every student will be different and you need to learn to change and progress as your students do. It also helps to keep it more interesting for you.

  1. Stay Patient

The most important thing about learning is that it takes time, varying between different students but you must be patient! This is the only way for them to progress.

10. Be Adaptable

Students and situations around you will always be changing. Something may go wrong or you will be faced with surprises but you have to learn to adapt and solve the problems. This will come more naturally with time.


So, do you have any personal tips or advice for being a great teacher? Share them with us!

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